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Since some years the Neosteel GmbH is a contribution member of the German AIDS Foundation. So we help with our contribution to fight against this serious illness and its expansion.

With our new Male Protection System Module "The ARCH" we will now perform a further contribution in this direction, for we will forward 10 Euros to the Deutsche AIDS-Stiftung of the proceeds of each "The ARCH" System Module we sell.

The Male Protection System Module "The ARCH" has to be used in combination with the System Hipband Module .

"The ARCH" distinguishes itself by the following characteristics:

So if you want to protect your penis against strange access and enjoy best of moveability and comfort then"The ARCH" System Module is exactly your design.

For the price of the Male Protection System Module "The ARCH" please look up our price lists

Please also ask for the individual designs which we made for our customers (see pictures below)

The ARCH with MASTERPIECE System Hipband Module and Stainless Steel Snap Lock

The ARCH with System Hipband Module with Bondage System Adapters

The ARCH with rear locking system and D-Ring in front

The ARCH with individual formable Ergo Rear anus opening

Read what our customers say about "The ARCH" on the Neosteel References: 

References from Africa: Nsepre66

References from Europe: Nsepre67

References from the USA: Nsepre68

With the Neosteel "Chastity Belt Measuring Kit" you can take the measurements for your chastity belt by yourself unassistedly.

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