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Chastity Belt Inspection Kit

Fixing to a Bed

In the following we show you, how to fix the Neosteel Chastity Belt Inspection Kit to a bed.

  1. first the wide leather belt of the Neosteel Chastity Belt Inspection Kit has to be passed through under the mattress and bed frame
  2. next the leather belt will be strapped down, so that the wrist- or ankle cuffs are lying on the bed
  3. the position of leather belt with the hand cuffs can be selected, so that the hands will be either fixed in the height of the thighs or over the head
  4. when the leather belts with the wrist and ankle cuffs are affixed, you can start with tying up your partner

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With the Neosteel "Chastity Belt Measuring Kit" you can take the measurements for your chastity belt unassistedly.

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Page updated January 28, 1999