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We made the ordering process for you as easy as possible. But whatever some steps have to be taken into account that it works and that you will finally be satisfied with the order and the delivery.

Description of the ordering process via the Neosteel Online Shop

You can send us your order via the Neosteel Online Shop - as described as follows. You also can order Neosteel products if you fill in and sign the order form which you got with your CB Measuring Kit (or a printed out order form from our website) and send it in a letter or by fax. Further it is also possible that you scan in a filled in an signed order form and send as e-mail attachment to our e-mail address.

When entering the Neosteel Online Shop you find the following categories:

1) Chastity Belts

2) Chastity Belt Extras

3) Chastity Belt Measuring Kits

4) Videos

5) Bondage

6) Bondage Extras

Please choose the category you like. Then you get to the prices and further product information to the respective products which in legal meaning do not represent a binding offer.

Then the Neosteel Online Shop guides you interactively through the ordering process. During this tour you can choose the product and extras you like by checking the respective box or clicking on "into shoppingcart" and pressing the button to continue. If you are asked to state amounts, positions or measurements (for example position and amount of d-rings) so please fill in this into the intended place.

Finally when you finished your selection you come to a list with the articles and prices of your choice.

Please note the information regarding VAT (for customers who live within the European Union) which you get when you press the "Info about VAT" button. You get information regarding packaging and shipping costs when you click on "Shipping Costs".

You can now delete your selection when you click on "delete" or continue with your ordering process by pressing on "continue".

In case of "continue" you come to a table where you can fill in the measurements for the ordered article.

To proceed please press "into shoppingcart" then.

On the next page you can choose if you wish to see the shoppingcart or order further Neosteel products.

Please note here: The Neosteel System Chastity Belt always needs two System Modules which have to be ordered one after the other with the corresponding extras and measurements.

When you have selected all Neosteel products you like please press on "view shoppingcart".

You can now delete your order or complete your order by pressing on the corresponding button.

On the following page you fill in your personal data (name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number (optional), height and weight).

Here is also very important to state if you took the measurements for your chastity belt with the Neosteel Measuring Kit.

Then please choose method of payment and tell us in the next step if you wish your order to a different shipping address.

If you have chosen the payment by creditcard please fill in the creditcard information on the next page.

In case of "money transfer to our bank account" you will find the account information for the money transfer on the following page.

Now you get a listing of your selected articles, the prices and the costs for packaging and shipping.

If you want to send your order to Neosteel please read the then following text:

I hereby waive and agree to hold harmless and indemnify Neosteel GmbH, its board of directors, officers and employees, from any and all liability, that arises from the use of Neosteel products that I order, use, or allow others to use or any illegal use. I, the undersigned hereby certify that I am over 21 years of age, fully understand that Neosteel products I am ordering may be considered sexually oriented like staying chaste, chastisement, adult training and bdsm, and there are no local laws restricting my purchase or possession of the items I have ordered. I have read this waiver and agree to be bound by its terms.

I order obligatory here with !

After this please click on the button "Please mark here if you agree".

In addition please check the box "I have read the right of revocation." after perusal of the instructions of Right of Revocation.

Your order represents a binding offer to the contract-conclusion in the legal meaning. This offer can be accepter by us by sending an order confirmation or delivery of the goods.

Finally please press "Complete Order", to send your order to Neosteel.

If you do not want to order please only close the page without pressing "Complete Order".

By clicking the last button "Complete Order" you send a binding order. We get this order via a secured server. It will be stored by us for the contract-transaction. The text of the contract will not be stored by us and cannot be retrieved by you after conclusion of the ordering process. But you can print the order information just after sending your order.

The manufacturing and the time of delivery till shipping starts just when we have got your measurements and the payment for your order or your creditcard information.

If you have special wishes please inform us in a separate e-mail, in a letter or by fax in addition to your order.

Delivery is 6 to 8 weeks after receipt of your measurements and your payment (for custom made products) - and one week for the CB Measuring Kit. We ship your order in a neutral package to the given shipping address.

Your Neosteel Team

Description of the ordering process at Neosteel-Movieworld

You can send us your order via Neosteel-Movieworld as described in the following.

When you enter Neosteel-Movieworld you first have to confirm that you are an adult and that you do not take offence at our offer. You do this by pressing on "Enter".

You will then be forwarded to the START page of Neosteel-Movieworld.

At the top of the START page you first find a list of the last updates of Neosteel-Movieworld and information regarding Neosteel-Movieworld and the order process.


What does Neosteel-Movieworld offer?

With Neosteel-Movieworld we would like to offer our customers and interested people the possibility to inform themselves about the application of Neosteel products in the practice. And a lot of fantasy is included of course.

In our series "Cold Steel and Hot Desire" you will experience and suffer - with the ensemble - at first hand the world of chastity belts and bondage.

As you can imagine it costs money to make the here offered videos. For example: all presented Neosteel stainless steel products have been manufactured on measure for the models. Unfortunately, since we however don't want to increase the prices of our products, we cannot provide these downloads free of charge for you.

What we offer free of charge are some 20 seconds clips which you can download for free. These clips can be watched with the Windows Media Player for example.

To view the downloaded videos you should use one of the following players, which you can get free of charge, when you click on the appropriate links (you will find the links on the START page of Neosteel-Movieworld):

Windows Media Player - Real One Player -DivX Player

To view the videos of the DivX format furthermore you will need DivX Mpeg4 Videocodec

For Windows - for MAC OS - for Linux

To download and watch a video, you need not to become a member of a club. You can choose the part of a movie which corresponds to your interests or which informs best about the product of your choice.

How do I get the password for the download of Neosteel-Movieworld videos ?

If you click in the menue above on the left on MOVIES you will get to the selection menu for the Neosteel-Movieworld videos or parts of movies.

Some selected photos of the respective movie part, some free 20 seconds clips or a 2 minute demo video (for EUR 2.00 or US$ 2.00) make the choice easier for you. In addition you get information about:

- name of movie - file size - length of movie - and the price for the download

Please note the information regarding VAT which you get when you click on the button "Information VAT".

After your selection of one or some movie parts, you go to the shopping cart by pressing the button "Choose" at the bottom of the page. You can do a final check of your choice or delete it by pressing on the button "Delete".

If you wish to continue please click on "Take Over" and you come to a page where you can decide if you want to view the shopping cart or select further videos.

In the shopping cart you now find a list with your selected videos and the price. Information regarding VAT you get if you click on the button "Information VAT". With"Delete" you can do further changes or with "Movies" (top left) order further videos.

To contiue please click on "Complete Order".

Now you will be asked for your data for the order (name, postal address, e-mail, telephone number (optional) which you fill in accordingly. Then click on payment by credit card which is the only method of payment we offer here.

Now please press the button "Next Step".

You then come to a page where you can fill in your credit card information and press on "Next Step".

For protection of the youth and following the German legislation we can only offer you the videos for download, if you state that you are of age. This can be done for example when you add to your order a scanned in photo of your identity card, passport or driving-licence. You can also send this copy by fax or in a letter. You will find the fax number on the following page.

Please click on "Next to accept your order" and you find a list of all the videos you have ordered on the then following page again.

Further you find a statement that you are of age and that you do not take offence at our offer.

Please check the box when you accept this statement. Further please check the next box when you have read the Instructions of Revocation.

And finally you send a binding order when you click on "Complete Order. Your order represents a binding offer to the contract-conclusion in the legal meaning.

After this you get a confirmation e-mail that we received your order. By sending this confirmation e-mail we accept your offer to the contract-conclusion.

If you pay by your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club) and when we got your verification of age you get the access information (password) for the download within 24 hours by e-mail.

After we have sent the e-mail with your password we grant you a time window of 48 hours !! for the download of the ordered Neosteel-Movieworld videos on your computer.

For the download you don't need to download any access software to your computer.

Your ordering data will be stored by us for the contract-transaction. The text of the contract will not be stored by us and cannot be retrieved by you after conclusion of the ordering process. But you can print the order information just after sending your order.

We wish you a lot of fun with Neosteel-Movieworld!

Your Neosteel team

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Page released February 13, 2008