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who we are

In 1997 my wife Astrid founded the company of Neosteel for manufacturing of stainless steel chastity belts for females and males.

In the year 2000 she signed for the Neosteel GmbH as a company with limited liability and employed me as managing director.

From my education I am a doctor of chemistry and have completed studies as engineer for quality management at the German Society for Quality Assurance.

After the studies I was first employed as development engineer and later as manager for research, development and quality assurance for several years in the industry till I decided to make our hobby to my profession.

In 1996 a management consultant asked me which properties would be important for me. I answered him: "Honest, hardworking and punctual." He said that these are no more important today anyway. Today one is "communicative, team capable and entrepreneurial".

Since eight years now we manufacture successfully reliable products in highest quality and ship on time. The satisfaction of our customers is always our most essential target at this.

So we could satisfy much more than two thousand customers in more than 40 countries worldwide in the meantime. Under this we got numerous regular customers and also friends, which even possess several of our chastity belt designs and other Neosteel products.

While we manufactured chastity belts initially in the approved chain design for females and males, we developed - with the support of our customers - the She-Male Chastity Belt and in 1998 the Total Chastity Belt designs with elongated crotch shield and lockable anus opening.

In special extent our permanent interest applies to the safety and hygiene of our stainless steel chastity belts. And so we developed the Neosteel Penis Tube gradually further to make touching and pulling out of the penis out of the penis tube more and more impossible for the cb wearer.

Since 2000 we offer the so called Neosteel Climate Penis Tube which makes the hygiene destinctly easier and makes it therefore possible to prolong the locked up time of the chastity belt considerably up to the next thorough cleaning.

A further essential field of our development applies to the comfort of our stainless steel chastity belts. Here as most essential results have to be mentioned:

As pioneering development we here would like to call your attention to:

the Neosteel System Chastity Belt

We say thank-you for your many suggestions and your support within the last eight years and wish - in accordance with our motto - that you trust on chastity and love in security and safety everlasting in Neosteel furthermore.

Reinhold Mende

PJW 2000