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Source: customer e-mails of August/September 1998

Title: Urination Problem

Dear Reinhold

After receiving the CB on the 5 August 1998 I used it on and off a few days to try and get the fit right. I was then away for two weeks and never even looked at the CB.

This week I tried to get it to fit better and I think I have got to a point where it is as comfortable as I suppose steel underwear can be. I still have one problem though.

I cant wear it for more than about 5 hours at a time. This is because I am having great difficulty urinating with it on. It just wont seem to work and the result is that I can only urinate once it's off.

Have you any ideas or suggestions to let me solve this problem. While it persists I cant even go one 24 hour period forget about a 24/7 situation. I realy would like to solve this problem.

Best regards

Dear Reinhold

I tried the bottom hole for the penis tube but it is too uncomfortable to sit and it did not seem to help with the urination problem. I then decided because my measurement seemed out that I would temporarily add a piece of tin to the top of the shield with normal rivits.

This was ok except that it pushed the waist belt into my ribcage when sitting, but not uncomfortably, just to a point where I needed to shift around a bit. As there now should have been plenty of space I decided that I would force a 24 hour period to see what the urination problem was. This I did and had problems to start with, and then established that it mainly happened because each time I wanted to urinate I had a partial erection and this was what was constricting the flow. I then tried to move the front sheild slightly away when urinating and concentrating on not getting an erection. IT WORKED. so my first full 24 hour stint was a success.

I have now taken the rivits and tin off and tried again, as it is a more comfortable position. I think another 5-8mm of length to the front shield would have realy solved the comfort issue. I tried the belt for 2.5 hours during which time I knew I needed to urinate to see if I could control an erection with a tighter CB. I managed a minor urination before my penis grew too big and it stopped, but at least I WON. I then had to go out to meetings and so took it off and have not tried again. But this partial erection seems to clearly be the problem. Therefore for me to make it work I will need to learn to control the erection. I need to talk to my SO and say to her that a 48 hour period may teach the desired control - end of story - and let her make me make it work.

Hope this is of interest to you.


Dear Reinhold

I respond to your e-mail and would like to note that I am still at times having a few problems with urination but all because of the reason explained. When I can keep my penis from growing there is no problem. This is happening more often now.

Another interesting thing is that my SO does not like the way the penis tube lock sticks out and asked if there was something I could do. The belt is quite tight as I noted to you before so I do not think that I will be requiring the rear shield anymore. Also as I can fit the belt on or off quite easily if I am flaccid I am thinking of cutting off the pin and welding the tube in place. This will cause it to be much flatter and will not cause any problem with fit as the position the tube is in (second from the bottom) , seems the most comfortable. This I will wait to do till I have worn the belt for a longer extended time though. At this stage we are not getting much beyond the one day time as we both want sex by that stage. I suspect though that my SO will have a different viewpoint when it becomes her time of the month in a few days time. We'll then see.

... I will give you details of at a later stage. I do not have it open yet.

I will let you know any further develoments. Thanks again


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