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We have been very surprised by the immense interest in our new developed Neosteel Remote Education System.

So we get lots of requests and ideas for additional products. For example many customers asked for an Electric Anal Dildo which can be combined with the Dogtrace Unit (or similar).

So we remembered that we manufactured an Electric Anal Dildo for our former Remote Controlled Education Shield, for Neosteel Total Chastity Belts, which came with two electric poles - instead of one - at the dildo.

Interesting is that this RESYANAL dildo can also be combined with RESYCUS - the Remote Education Scrotum Cuff - as you can see in the following photo and so not only give a shock in the anus but also at the scrotum sac.

RESYANAL comes with the following dimesions: Diameter at head and bottom: 4 cm, diameter at the area round the electrodes: 3 cm, total length: 12 cm. It comes with a bolt to fasten at the Anus Shield of the Remote Education Hipband System Belt or of the Neosteel Total Chastity Belts.

The Stimulation Current Unit in the photos is not included and not available at Neosteel.

In our photos above we show the Dog-Trace D-Control 1500+ Mini as Stimulation Current Unit which we purchased here for example:

For questions and price inquiries of Remote Education Products please send an e-mail to:

With the Neosteel "Chastity Belt Measuring Kit" you can take the measurements for your chastity belt by yourself unassistedly.

Page released April 03, 2017