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Remote Controlled Education Shield

Please have a look at our new developed RESY-Shield (on the right of the photo)!

Special for the Neosteel total chastity belt models we have developed the Remote Controlled Education Shield as an Electric Extra (you may not use this in connection with cardiac pacemakers).

the photo shows the Remote Controlled Education Shield mounted to the Male Hip Total Chastity Belt



You put the receiver of the Remote Controlled Education Shield above the waist or hip belt in the "hollow back" and so it can be easily hidden under something of wider street clothing like: jumper, suit jacket or ladies outfit. An outdoor application of the unit is therefore possible without any problems: e.g. on the street or in a restaurant.




With the Neosteel "Chastity Belt Measuring Kit" you can take the measurments for your chastity belt by yourself unassistedly.

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Page updated June 08, 2017