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Source: customer e-mail, August 1998

Title: CB Review

At the beginning of the year 98 I was concerned about the topic of „chastity belts“ for the first time, whereby I have to admit, that is has been pure curiosity first. So I started my search for information regarding to that subject on Internet. What I found thereby, further increased my curiosity, and I started to consider if I should not buy a CB.

I asked my girl-friend, what she would think about that I wear a CB, and she keeps the key. As answer followed a clear no and I considered the topic for done by now.

After about 2 months the topic started again to spook around in my head, and I began to get information of all the possible suppliers. Thereunder has also been the company Neosteel, which among other things also offered a Measuring Kit, that enables to take the measures without strange help, which in my situation was very helpful, for my girl-friend did not know nothing about my new ambitions. So I decided to order such a Kit, which I also got within some days by mail.

After I had taken my measurements, I decided on the spot to call Neosteel and arranged a date to get some advice. With some tickling in the stomach I drove there. I did not know, what was awaiting me, because the whole thing was a new experience for me.

What I then experienced was fabulous. In a conversation with Mr. Mende I got advised at best, related to the topic of CB. From the very beginning I got the impression of Mr. Mende, that I have found a competent contact person in him. After a long conversation we came then to the question of my measurements, which I have taken. He checked the measurements and asked me if I was certain about them. It attracted his attention that the difference by the waist measurements between normal and controlled was too small. But I said that I was certain about the measurements.

And so I ordered my CB with a little bit queer feeling in my stomach, for my girl-friend did not know nothing of the whole thing, which I still had to tell her about somehow.

Back home I brought the conversation carefully on that topic. What I heard then, had been the first surprise I should experience. She said to me „Well, let's wait till it arrives“.

6 weeks later it was ready. With a new date I drove there again, to fetch it. That we had arranged at my first visit.

There it was lying now, my CB, and I was asked, if I would like to try it on, what I also did then. Here I found out now, that I was not right with the measurements of my waist for the waistbelt was too long.

Please note that advice of mine:

When you measure your waist and take the measurement for the controlled waist, don't worry to take the measure very tight. I have made the experience, that a too loose waistbelt causes more pain but fun. Now with the new tighter waistbelt which now fits firmly my CB got also quite comfortable and is wearable without problems for several days.

Now what about my girl-friend I experienced my second surprise. After a couple of days in which I wore the CB always only for some hours, to get accustomed to it, suddenly the key was not at its place, where I had laid it down. I asked her, if she knows where it is. She said yes, but that she henceforth will decide by herself if the CB gets unlocked or not.

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