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Source: customer e-mail, September 1998

Title: Experience Report About Wearing the CB from the Company of Neosteel

The desire to purchase a CB for me has been already present since a few years. Unfortunately I never had the courage to tell that to my girl friend of that time ( and actual wife ). Beginning of the year I told her about it, and after she has been shocked at first, I could convince her of the advantages of the CB ( absolute faithfulness ! ). But I would like to point out, that we do bear no relation to S/M !

I informed me on the Internet about product versions, companies etc. and discovered accidentally the home page of Neosteel. For I am living near by I made an appointment with Mr. Mende and ordered a CB (with the aid of the measuring kit, which I can just recommend to anybody). Six weeks later I could pick up the CB and I could hardly expect, to wear it. But Mr. Mende called my attention to it, that I should put it on for a couple of hours first, so that my body could get accustomed to it. This I also can recommend to everybody. There had been still some questions and adaptive difficulties, which quickly - thanks the exquisite support of Mr. Mende - have been clarified immediately, so that the CB now fits absolutely.

Some time after the first fit my wife opined, that it however would be time now, to wear the CB permanently, and not only for some hours ! She was in the right and so we decided, that I put on the CB immediately ! We rubbed a thick layer of vaseline into my organ and then my wife locked me up into the CB. Then my wife had another surprise for me: she had purchased a new lock for that front shield, so that I could not let make any false key ! My wife got one set of keys, the second has been put into sealed envelope, which I always carry along with me, for I am occupationally en route a lot !

In honour of the day my wife and I went to eat well, whereby the constant pressure at my organ and around my belly reminded me always at it, that I am not capable to satisfy my sexual longing and my wife decided about when and how.

Since that day I am wearing the CB nearly continuously ( 2 weeks )! All 4 days my wife opens it and it will be thoroughly cleaned, whereby she is always present ! For my wife it is stunning, that she can decide, when she will have sex with me, or how far we go. Often we are just cuddling up or I satisfy her orally, whereby she does not always remove the CB. But when she is doing it, it is the most satisfying sex one can imagine.

About the company of Neosteel I can say that they operate totally reliable and also at each question are at disposal with piece of advice and action ! Further on Mr. Mende is very discreet, which is also very important. Absolutely recommendable !

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