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Source: customer letter, December 1998

Title: How It Started

It started by using the diary, which Ina charged me leading. A small black book with little space per day, but for that purpose for five years with the evocative title year by year. "What I want, that you in any case enter in, are all cases of self-abuse, and when drinking alcohol should that also there into."

On August 13 I started and already the first entries made clear, that will have consequences and such was not the alcohol use. Beginning of September Ina skimmed through the black book: "Now I realize different things! The most beautiful and longest foreplays will not do, if you played with yourself days ago and I go empty-handed. You will have to buy a chastity belt for yourself!" After many wasted telephone conversations with well equipped sex shops I have taken me the order forms of Neosteel out of the Internet and Ina has taken my measurements. Which enjoyed her and me. But I nevertheless needed a measuring kit, because Ina however has been a little bit on a large scale and Mr. Mende from Neosteel opined on the phone that in the measurements have been inaccuracies.

After the first fit of the completed chastity belt I have asked Mr. Mende, to lengthen the chains again by 3,5 cm and also after that I still thought "there you never will get into", but suddenly Ina became very active and helped me to put it on and even at once went to walk with me, of course not without to pick out a path, which led over rough and smooth. After the return Ina opened the chastity belt and gave the good piece an expert opinion. After she first had laid on ointment and then massage oil, it made "clack" and I was locked up. "That you are also allowed to enter into the diary!"

Experiences With The First Time

If you in the past have not thought about your anatomy between the legs and around the hips, after you have worn a chastity belt the first time, you will do it. The waistbelt shall sit tight above the hip bone without being disagreeable and the testicles distribute themselves to the left and to the right of the suddenly quite thick tube, in which the penis disappears. The first thing, which the "mean" Ina did, after she locked me up, she kissed me extensively and intensively, left her tongue playing, interrupted that but suddenly and asked: "and .. do you feel anything?"

You bet. As soon as the penis itself expands in the tube and the glans touches the wall, the excitement is there and there and even still there, when Ina already drove home since long. And I was helpless, completely helpless. After the prepuce had once shifted itself up, I felt that my penis started to set up for itself and the excitement came up again and again. That is the diabolic of the chastity belt.

My keyholder Ina unlocked me for the first time after one week, not without prior to tie me the hands on the back, placed me under the shower and douched my private parts. After she inspected it, treated a small open wound at the scrotum, may be a pressure point, she locked up everything again and ordered me to visit her two days later.

That was more beautiful, more intense and longer than before the chastity belt and afterwards we have drunk still a long time good red wine.

My experiences by using the cb from Neosteel are, that you have to come to an understanding with it very intensively at the beginning. Precise taken measurements are the ah and oh. Especially the waistbelt has to fit tight, lying upon the hip bone without pressing. The front shield should be as long, that it can be on the latch at the waistbelt in right angel, it has to be possible to insert the key into the lock just straight and it must be space enough, to be able to turn it around. You have to select the position of the quiver well, otherwise it presses on the root of the penis. You should take up time to form the front shield, that it fits tight, but not too tight, indeed. Taking a shower is not a problem in the cb, but you should take time yourself when towelling and then put a lot of baby powder on the skin.

Tricks, such as to get at the penis when the belt is locked, I have not yet found. And that you can have to trust your keyholder, I do not scarcely have to mention.



I can recommend it to all females, the Christmas-box of the year! (at every time of the year)


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