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Source: customer e-mail, March 1999

Title: My lecture about CB in general and Neosteel in special. Motto: Where have I just laid down the keys?

I have bought myself among the several cb suppliers a Neosteel CB. The personal first fit at Mr. and Mrs. Mende has been a contact which I remember me gladly. Friendly I have been welcomed. Objective has been the fitting and exciting the conversation. At my visit it became conscious to me, that I do not stand so alone with my enthusiasm for cbs not at all, as I had believed up to that moment. My pleasant anticipation of it has been completely rewarded! My Neosteel chastity belt keeps what it has promised. Fair and beautiful performed, perfectly processed in the minutest detail, without scroll-work. Already the sight is an enjoyment. Wearing it, I can assure it, is disturbing and full of excitement and my wife is elated.- A little more of the keys - but she also wants to get her share in that tense sensation. I am having the cb for only 3 weeks, but I know now already that much, that someone who is locked up there-in, is really locked up - and remains incased. No way out! (I have renounced the 5 further exclamation marks). Initially I had to get accustomed to wearing the chastity belt, which meant no big familiarization. The belt by itself left no marks on the body, also after my first 2 days without time out. When my s.o. shares my delight for cbs, that is super. If she does not, and I wear if for me and my rapture, that is also super, because the Neosteel cb is speaking in his favour by itself. In this spirit I hope to be able to inspire the one or the other for a Neosteel cb and would be glad about a possibly big Neosteel-CB-Fan-Club.

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