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Source: customer e-mail, April 1999

Title: My experience with Neosteel

It is now more or less a year ago that I heard of the German chastity belt maker Neosteel. And since I was very excited by the idea of wearing a chastity belt 24/7, and since Germany is neighbor country of the Netherlands, I decided to order a male chastity belt from Neosteel. And I was able to pick up my belt exactly 6 weeks after my first visit to Neosteel. While still at Neosteel I could try it on, and the first thing I noticed was the slim fit. It was difficult to get it on, and I really would need some time to get used to this belt.

One of the first things I did was making several photos of my belt, and also me wearing the belt. You can see these pictures on my website. The next URLs all bring you to this site. Also Altairboy has a link on his unique CB site.

Now a long period of adapting the belt to the shapes of my body and getting used to wearing the belt started. I made all the beginner errors. I got some swelling of the penis, known as edema. The waistband was very tight, and that gave some discomfort. Also the necessary length of the front shield gave some discomfort. At a certain moment I even was able to bend this front shield in such a way that I easily could get my penis out of the tube. That of course was not the intention. After one or two months I started to wear my belt in my free time, i.e. at night and in the weekends. There were a few occasions where I was able to wear my belt for a longer period of 4 Ė7 days. And on one such an occasion I made a serious mistake. I ignored cleaning my skin carefully under the waistband. And that led to a kind of allergic reaction: red skin, itching, and that kind of things. I still do suffer from that a little, and I learned that for 24/7 wearing, cleaning is very important, no matter how difficult it is.

In this whole period I tried to increase the comfort by using a lot of skin crème like Nivea (a European brand) and baby oil to fight the edema. But this appeared to be totally wrong. The oil in the Nivea crème and of course the baby oil apparently reacted with the neoprene lining around the waistband and the front shield. This typically would make the neoprene to swell and get larger. And due to this the neoprene came off the metal band and shield. In the beginning I tried to glue it myself, after contacting Neosteel. At that time we didnít know what caused the neoprene to come off. So I kept using this crème and oil. But after large pieces of neoprene came of the waistband, and because the neoprene liner got too large to fit inside the waistband, I decided that it was time that people from Neosteel would take a look at it. So with pain in my hart, I did send back my chastity belt to Neosteel. Mister Mende from Neosteel already had promised me to repair the belt and send it back to me within three weeks. And so he did. But what a surprise when the belt came back. Since Mr Mende was not able to remove the glue that I had used on earlier repair attempts from the front shield, he decided to replace it with a complete new one, a new design too. And in this process he also replaced the nickel-plated chains by the new stainless steel type of chains. What I got back, looked like a complete new chastity belt to me. And all this for free, no additional costs involved.

And when I tried to put my belt back on, after a period of more than 3 weeks without, I got my second surprise. Due to the new front shield or due to the new chains or whatever, the fit of the new belt was even better as my old one. Snugger than the old one, closer to the body, but without getting too snug or to uncomfortable. This belt felt like a chastity belt should feel. Of course I wasnít allowed to use Nivea crème and baby oil anymore, so I started to use talcum powder for my waist and vaseline as lubricant in and around the penis tube. And I made another discovery that I would like to share. By rubbing in the neoprene liner in the waistband with talcum powder, one actually can achieve a very smooth surface. The last weeks the only thing that I use is talcum powder for the waistband and sometimes for my scrotum and thighs. I donít use vaseline anymore since I actually discovered that my penis stays in a better condition when the tube isnít that slippery. By the way, I am wearing my penis head in the tube undiscovered, i.e. the foreskin pulled back. With the new belt it is now possible to wear it under my normal clothing, which consist of mostly costumes and some jeans, with a normal fit. This was not possible with my previous belt. When I wanted to wear that belt 24/7, I needed to replace my costumes for different ones with a looser fit. A huge extra expenditure, which isnít necessary anymore.

In the meantime, since a few months I got to know my new Mistress Cristel_Z. She is a well-known dominatrix in the Netherlands, and she has chosen me to be her personal slave. You can visit my Mistress website at:


From the start my Mistress made clear to me that she likes the idea of keeping me locked up in my chastity belt 24 hours for 7 days a week, or 24/7. For me this was an extra stimulus to try to get used to the belt in such a way that I would be able to wear it actually all the time. And my Mistress and I think that I am ready for it now. After a trial period, my Mistress ordered me yesterday to put on my belt and to keep it on. I still have the keys in my possession, but that will change when I go visit my Mistress in a few days. So I finally made it, I am finally in my belt for 24/7, without being able to let myself out. And knowing my Mistress, I probably will wear my belt for a very long time, except for some inspection and cleaning operations every week. And this feel very well, very exciting. And this all made possible by the chastity belt from Neosteel, and their very good service. Thanks Mr Mende, and thanks Mistress Cristel_Z for willing to be my keyholder.


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