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Source: customer e-mail, April 1999

Title: Getting Started

Dear Mrs. Mende, dear Mr. Mende,

once again and quite honest, I would like to thank you for your competence, your willing help and kindness during the first fit and creation of my chastity belt. I enjoyed my visit at you very much. As a further little thankyou I transmit you in word and picture my first experiences of wearing the cb. If you like, I agree to a publication on your home page (also with the picture - but by request of my master and me, please without my name). Then perhaps also other ladies get the idea to wish to control not only the gentlemen.......


Something I may tell you about certainty already today:

My till now positive events and experiences around the topic of chastity belt, I will never forget indeed. A busy interchange with my beloved master as well as the study of your informational home page, made me conscious - for the first time - that a chastity belt contrary to all my provisos and trepidation, is no antiquated relic of past times, but far and away in the today's time can be also a useful - or better be said - sensual thing and - in doing so - has its right to exist.

To increase my awareness with regard to this topic, my master decided, that I should let make the fitting directly at Neosteel. And also when there still was heavy palpitation for a long time, he was right ( as so often ). Rarely I could experience a more friendly, correct and competent first fit and consultation as by Mrs. and Mr. Mende. And on top of that it has been yet another enjoyment, to be able to take an already finished product in its noble design and its high quality into my hands and to be allowed to give an opinion on after the first fit. And as you can see, is a (my) chastity belt also in the view from the behind simply beautiful.

My pleasant anticipation increased.

When I then saw my finished Total Chastity Belt for the first time, I then however got precarious and I could not imagine ever to fit there into. And after all it was fitting apparently blameless.

Very consciously I experience now since 3 weeks the recommended acclimation, prolong step by step, by and by, the time of wearing the belt. Two minor problems, which I quickly got to feel, has been a location at the waistbelt, which pinched too much, and I did not like the - even though minimal - clearance in the step. By very cautiously bending these two problems have been solved quickly. And also my concerns with regard to the hygiene have quickly evanesced: at home I shortly shower-bath immediately the concerning area, en route I use boiled water with a little Kamillosan-admixture from a larger plastic-syringe.

In any case I am looking forward to the day, on which I finally can and may present the keys to my master. That I will carry a sealed - but quickly traceable key for the emergency - with me, is self evident. I am curious about the lot of still receivable experiences with me and the chastity belt. I will report it to you in due course.

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