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Source: customer e-mail, November 1999

Title: Total Chastity Belt - Long Term Use

Reinhold, Astrid

I am currently confined in a she-male total chastity belt. For an initial period of two weeks where I had access to the keys so I could make adjustments to the fit (these are necessary for both comfort and security), since then (for the last eight weeks) I've only been allowed out for cleaning once a week.

I've had very few problems, I found that a number of edges were not well rounded off, but this was easily cured by using the back of a craft knife blade as a de-burring tool.

I have think the total chastity belt is a much more practical proposition than a chain based system (I also have a Tollyboy). Getting used to defecation did take a bit of time - I've had three disasters in the early days but because of the smooth nature of the rear cleaning up was very much easier than a system using chains. I've also found that the smoother edge of the rear is a lot less visible than the chain. In addition because it is more rigid it doesn't completely depend on being extremely tight making it more comfortable for a given level of security. Although I've not been able to free myself at all (the bar at the top of the penis tube has ensured this), I have been able to come without direct physical stimulation, however, I don't think any chastity belt would be able to prevent this.

If anyone is looking for a chastity belt for full time use I would definitely encourage them to get this type of belt.

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