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Source: customers e-mails July 1999

Title: My New Chastity Belt

e-mail of July 21, 1999

Dear Mr Mende!

The superb item ordered arrived exactly on time after six weeks. I was and I am enthusiastic! The construction and primarily the workmanship gives rise of great interest in the product and of high manual fate.

I have tried on the cb at the next opportunity of course. The first fit was a little difficult and it didn't fit so correctly either. But now, after some tests and careful bending it fits without leaving great bruises. My first night was an experience, particularly concerning the accessibility or not accessibility of my little darling. If it felt excited by my fantasies it immediately reached the limits of its prison and there wasn't any way to touch it!

Only one difficult task is still awaiting me now. How do I tell it to my wife, that I would like to wear a cb and she shall manage the key. I cannot hide this till the duration. She hopefully makes the best of ...

Oh yes, for I am wearing the total cb just at the moment, sitting for me is a little difficult by the waist band sliding up. Driving a car is possible, but only for a short time. Have I done anything wrong or is this the price for my prison? Perhaps you have any advice for this.

Yours sincerely


e-mail of July 22, 1999:

Mr Mende,

many thanks for your quick response. I just have tried out your tip and I am now sitting locked up in front of the PC without problems.

I have spent the last two full nights and also the days by the hour in my cb to get used to the feeling. It is indescribably terrific. The circumstance particularly appeals me to wear the cb also in the public under my clothing.

My wife already makes thoughts to herself by the way, whether I will stand wearing the cb for longer time periods at all! I wouldn't have expected this that she accepts it just this way and it causes her apparently but little worries (my health etc.) but perhaps she thinks already about the possibilities of a longer time period! I quite honestly hadn't expected this!

We first start once with a time to get accustomed, primarily, at night, I am always locked in now and the vacations are beginning in approx. 4 weeks then ...

Many thanks again

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