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Source: customer e-mail, November 1999 till January 2000

Title: Report about getting used again (Part 1)

Dear Mrs Mende, dear Mr. Mende,

as promised, I am transmitting a report to you about getting used to the chastity belt again. I will do it in a loose series in the form of a "diary".

October 29. Received an e-mail from Neosteel, that the cb is on the way. Wow, a little bit earlier as requested and the promised date. Or also unfortunately, because the end of the freedom is foreseeable with that.

November 1. The cb has arrived. Unpacked immediately, cleaned and put on. First impression: the waistbelt feels better with the Silicone instead of the Neoprene. After two hours a feeling of "sticking" is coming up. The cb seems by way of the reduction of the waistbelt and the crotch shield to fit better. At the right and left side of the body slight flushing caused by the cb. Subsequently bending of the waistbelt.

November 2. Worn for two hours. At front and rear of the waistbelt still "clearance". Again flushing on the left and right side. Sitting on a normal chair is hardly possible. Further bending the waistbelt subsequently.

November 3. Worn for four hours. Waistbelt round-about "without" clearance. The crotch shield is having still "a lot" of space at the rear, because of my tendency to a hollow back. Penis tube is pressing a little bit against the pubic region. "First" urination. Carried out trouble free. Crotch shield adjusted at the rear.

November 4. The penis tube is now pressing very strong. With cb put on, the crotch shield bent in front by pressing down. The cb is fitting tight everywhere, without pinching. Sitting with completely straight attitude and spread legs (left and right beside the chair) half way possible. Cb worn while having a sleep, which resulted in a time of about 10 hours. Many times woken up, because it was going to get erected. Interesting that I awoke by the alarm clock and not - as at the first attempt - by the morning erection. That - be sure - was existing and also the feeling of this grip "as hard as iron". Have I really got used to it already yet again? In the morning the flushing as usual in the range of the waistbelt, but now round-about.

November 5. Worn the cb for sleeping again, this time for about 12 hours. But only once woken up.

November 8. For there was only a "short" workday in store for me, the cb worn for work. Getting into the car ( Opel Calibra ) seemed to me to be more difficult with the present cb size. Sitting itself is about "inconvenient" alike. Also at the workplace (office) have been scarcely problems, because I positioned the seat a little bit deeper, sitting straddle-legged and in straight attitude of course, which is primary more healthy. In the evening at home stripped out the cb after about 11 hours. Slight flushing in the range of the waistbelt. BUT: about one hour later, severe itching and flushing in the region of the waistbelt. Looked like an allergic reaction. From which? Air? Why first after having put it off?

November 9. No flushing, but still slight traces existing. In the evening worn the cb during about 4 hours. Everything at best so far, this means no flushing, slight tracks.

November 10. After the morning toilet the cb put on and also worn during the normal workday. Result in the evening after about 13 hours same as at the first time. AND : no itching or so !! The anus dildo has arrived.

To be continued.

Copyright Neosteel 2000

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