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Source: customer e-mail, November 1999 till January 2000

Title: Report about getting used again (Part 2)

November 11. In the evening after leaving off work put on the CB.

November 12. Slept very well , except that I got awake by the morning erection already at 6 a.m.. First time the complete morning toilet tried within the CB, for I just had "a lot of" time. I had the cleaning after defecation in the "former" version a little bit easier in memory, but solvable after all. The drying after having shower was going only with a special thin cloth, but nevertheless not completely possible. So the hair-dryer in hand and at work. That however called up my mistress. With "what does that noise mean" she entered the bathroom and disappeared again with "that amuses me very much, the next time but please a little bit later" in the bedroom. To put the powder under the waistbelt gives me still the biggest nut to crack. I get in the best case two fingers side by side underneath, which makes the whole to a very painstaking work.Then having breakfast together. For I felt best at all, I also wanted to go to work with the CB. But my mistress vetoes it, I should it not carry to excess, it would be now more than 14 hours already and it is said to be better to dare a long-time test at the weekend. Good chance, probably no orgasm or similar. When I came home in the evening, I was ordered first of all, to put the CB on. Be said, be done. For it is mostly "laid in" in the bedroom, I have put it on just there and a training suit over it. After dinner I went for urination into the bathroom and noticed, that the keys of the CB were not at their usual place. Hot sweat was running down my back, should perhaps ..... "Where are the keys ?" I finally uttered after some time. "You will not need them that weekend". "But .." I attempted to object, but did not come forth. "I know, where they are and I am just permanently next to you" she tried to becalm me. So that's it. Hopefully only for maximal about 60 hours indeed, but after all a half eternity. Especially, since I always had imagined, to hand over the keys to my mistress in a small solemn ceremony. And now that. Just like that. I withdraw myself into the other room, to think alone by myself about the whole. Result: to wear the chastity belt for her, to leave the active part of our sexual life to her, has in effect always been my desire all along, but not a start with taken by surprise.

November 13. Could scarcely sleep in front of the suspense about how it is going on. Got up relatively early again and got over the morning toilet as well as possible. Almost the whole morning and afternoon we were on the way for shopping. Everything proceeded really problem-free, except at the clothes shop during the first fit of the pull-over I had great concerns, that the CB would be noticed. In the evening my mistress was longing for relaxation. I too, so far, but she did not allow it, despite my begging. I was allowed to serve her with the tongue until she was satisfied.

November 14. Despite the disappointment about having had no relief, rested well up to far in the forenoon. Unfortunately, or for luck, around the lunch-time, the flushing under the waistbelt was so strong, that I was allowed to put off the CB. After about four hours scarcely anything to see of that in the region of the waistbelt, but the flushing of the right side of the glans was hardly disappearing. Where can/could that come from ? And only on the right side above all ?

November 15. The keys are lying at the place in the bathroom as usual again.

November 17. That the waist will remain familiarized, worn the CB for 4 hours in the evening (dry, that means no urination, for the spot with the flushing at the skin of the glans is still visible).

November 19. The same as November 17.

November 21. In total worn the CB for 12 hours. No flushing, no marks.

November 23. After the morning toilet the CB put on. Quite a normal working day spent in it.

November 24. Put off the CB before the morning toilet. Everything ok so far.

To be continued.

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