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Source: customer e-mail, February 2000

Title: First Steps II

Dear Mrs Mende,
dear Mr Mende,

more almost a year the Neosteel total chastity belt has become my permanent companion since now. We would also like to provide my experiences for you for your reference site once again about the thigh bands now completing my chastity belt occasionally.

First Steps II

Something, what the first fitting of the chastity belt mediated for me at that time, has arrived. The design of the chastity belt secures not only my inaccessibility, no, it much more lets me feel on most various ways the constant present tense and the right of my master, being able to have me at his disposal arbitrarily, at every moment.

Besides the permanent power of the key for the secondary anal shield, which one is required - in our opinion - at longer wearing periods, for a health preserving hygiene, the right, consistent care has become to the routine. How important is time, the right maintenance medium and that one shall not just boil the chastity belt when cleaning, has shown me the necessary renewal of the Neoprene liner in October which welled up and came off. The new silicone liner for me feels better on the skin and even still holds perfectly.

In this place I would like to say thank you, Master P., for your welfare and your patience which you gave me during the long acclimatization phase and still give me at given circumstances today.

It is a reason - be sure - why I am able/would be able today, to carry the chastity belt without great problems over a longer time period.

It actually isn't entitled to me therefore lower reservation, I learn and feel however, that hasn't mattered to obtain an entry into the Guiness Book to my master. On the contrary, too much He really loves to move the emotions of his slave to the head, in which he checks my obedience and uses the various possibilities of the chastity belt or it really unexpectedly withdraws from me ...

The expansion of my chastity belt also arose by fitting thigh bands and while my master was pleased to hear that the married couple Mende saw themselves in the situation to manufacture these, so I felt a little uncomfortable. What then started relatively simple, developed itself unexpectedly moreover into interesting experiences with the everyday suitability of thigh bands.

After careful measurings they were manufactured in lived competent way and quality. Everyday suitability however presupposes, that the bands doesn't handicap space in the legs for the blood circulation too much i.e. the bands must be narrowly but not too narrowly on. We have reached this, what we however were not prepared on, was that the bands depending on frequent active movement (e.g. stoop to pick up = the chains sag) start to tip over away to the inside and to slip since they only are held to by the outer chains. A further appointment at Mendes was due on the spot, a possible solution was discussed, a simple solution voted for the time being. As you see in the picture, from the ring of the secondary vaginal shield a piece of chain is running which then forks and whose ends are connected to the inside rings of the thigh bands. It causes the necessary countermove. What the in addition assembled distance bar causes, you can imagine yourself ... perhaps indicates on a miss for my part ....

Unfortunately, by this solution the noise level has increased considerably but we also still will solve this in the course of the time. And after so much technology another final thought:

What started with so many fears, for myself became a lovely companion anyway. It certainly isn't always easy, but the experience that no steel of the world could impede me to experience only by the words of my master what leads every human being into another universe, is worth it ...

MP -- in love and gratitude


PS. Under present occasion I would like to point out that I keep my copyright on above lines, an elsewhere announcement is subject to my written permission. That this is also valid for the picture - enclosed by my Master - gets on of themselves.

Copyright Neosteel 2000

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