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Source: customer e-mails, November 2000

Title: Re: Order for SheMale total chastity belt.


It's taken a while to get Tina where I want her.

Your belt is excellent, and Tina is *so* much more attentive.

best wishes,


Dear Mistress ...,

thank you very much for your excellent photos which show Tina "before" and "after" the cb. And it is nice to hear that you are so satisfied with Neosteel products.

We would be very pleased about if you give us the permission to publish the photos and your comment on the Neosteel Reference Page. Can we mention your name "Mistress ..." or shall we publish anonymous?

Please let me know.

With kind regards,

Neosteel - Reinhold Mende


Dear Mr Mende,

I'd rather Tina's face was n't shown and that we remain anonymous, here are some modified photos you are welcome to use as references.

************** before *********************

You may wish to censor Tina's private parts, you certainly have in real life *wink*

**************** after *************************


Mistress ....


Dear Mr Mende,

On second thoughts you can show Tina's face in this picture. It was taken on friday night just after I told her she was going to be belted all weekend, I just like the expression on her face !

It's Sunday night now, and my maid is cooking me dinner. Since she has been chastised all weekend with no problems, I think I'll leave her in the belt till her pictures are published. There is no hurry... *laugh*

I`m sure she will be checking your website regularly !


Mistress ...

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