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Source: customer e-mail of July 2002

Title: I remember as if it was yesterday (KGMH)

Dear Reinhold,

As I promised you some time ago, here is a short review of my belt ...

Of course if you like it, you can publish it on your website. However, could you keep it anonymous ?

I remember as if it was yesterday, when for the first time I discovered Altarboy's website. I read those words, which are

still on the male belts page : "The thought of having my penis LOCKED up by a secure device, and my not being able to touch myself or masturbate is highly erotic".

It was like a flash for me, and since this day I got deeply interested in the subject. I spent hours reading reviews, stories, and I started to dream of having my own chastity device, even though I had nobody to hold the key. However, it took me about 2 years to do the first step buying a chastity tube. Well it was a mistake as the device was not secure at all. Of course it is impossible to take it off without the keys, nevertheless the penis comes off so easily that it should not be called "chastity" at all. Thus I tried to improve the "chastity" concept. I bought a 3 meter chain, tied it around my waist with a padlock in the front, having 2 length of about 1 meter dangling in the front. I pulled them between my legs, then over my buttom cheeks and locked them with 2 other padlocks to the "waist belt". Finally, I locked the chastity tube to the chains with again 2 other padlocks. In the end I had a much more secure device, as it was impossible to remove the penis from the tube. However, I still had a little problem concerning chastity, as the end of the tube was open. I fixed this with gluing a little grid to the end of the tube.

As a result, I had what I was looking for with a 3 meter chain, 5 padlocks, a chastity tube, and some glue... Of course it was fine in the beginning, but it was not the real thing. So I started to study the reviews of Tollyboy Style chastity belts.

As I live in Europe, I studied carefully Neosteel products, and especially the Male Total Hip Belt. It seemed to be the best choice as for security and comfort. As I had some questions, especially because I was disappointed with the chastity tube, I wrote some emails to Reinhold Mende who kindly answered me. Finally I took the big step and ordered the Measuring Kit, and after getting all the measures, the Hip Belt.

The belt arrived 6 weeks later as promised, very well packed in a box. Nothing on the box could give a hint about what was inside. Of course I tried the belt immediatly, and I found it a bit too tight, though I used the Measuring Kit. But after some time I got used to it, and I could wear the belt for a few hours first, then one whole night, then one whole weekend. Of course, while wearing the belt, it is strictly impossible to reach the penis, thus to masturbate. The belt stays firmly in place, even allowing any possible movement. It is very comfortable, and after a few hours I forget I have it on me. Except, of course, when I want to masturbate...

After a few months I decided to go one step further by ordering 2 anal dildos. I chose a wave shape nylon dildo, and a bigger latex dildo. As I have the Total Hip Belt, I can lock those plugs inside of me, and it is of course impossible to get them out without the key of the rear padlock... I recommend this experience to any owner of a Total Male Belt.

As for wearing in the street, the belt is undetectable under clothes. I spent already a few hours outside walking in the belt, and nobody could guess about my little secret.

As a conclusion, I am fully satisfied with my belt (and plugs). I am planning to wear it for more than one weekend, however having no keyholder, I could not resist so long :)

Copyright Neosteel 2002

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