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Source: customer e-mails of September and Oktober 2003

Title: Arrival, Male Hip CB

Dear Mr. Mende -

The belt arrived here last Tuesday. I commend you for the beautiful workmanship. It is very well fashioned and fits perfectly. I also thank you for the promptness. I thought it would take two months or more and instead I was delighted to receive it in one month. Thank you and your staff for an excellent product.



Dear Mr. Mende -

Yes, you may use my comments. You do excellent work, are dependable and honest. I have worn a variety of chastity devices and the Neosteel belt is the most comfortable and the most secure for long term wear. I belong to several chastity clubs and have recommended the Neosteel to others.

This is the second Neosteel belt that I bought. The first one went around my waist and was very comfortable until I gained some weight. Now with the Hip Belt I don't have to be concerned about weight gain. Thank you for an excellent product.


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