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Source: customer e-mail and letter of November 2004

Title: Report of a young lady (Female CB with short front shield and chains), Part 1

Dear Astrid Mende!

I'm pleased you want to publish my report about the Chastity Belt in Neosteel Reference Page, but I can't give you my aproval without cosulting my husband first. I shall ask him about it and then I shall let you know if it's OK. Hope you understand my situation. Right now all I want is to take the Belt off, but I'm not sure what my husband will say about my request. I'm expecting him any time now, and I shall let you know about your wish to publish my report soon. Have a pleasant weekend,



Dear Astrid Mende

Thank you very much for the very nice Chastity Belt which I have got a few weeks ago. It fits me perfectly well: snug fit on the waist and crotch guard plate. The Belt is made with high precission and great finish but it also looks nice and durable which is composury for long term wear. The Ergonomic Waist with Silicone Liner tells me I won't have any problems wearing it for longer period of time.

The belt arrived last month; I got the package delivered at home, but I didn't dare to open it as it was addressed to my husband and I knew he would be very angry if I opened it first. So the package was waiting unopened until he came home next day. I was already at home when he came on Friday afternoon, and he was really glad to see the package on the table. He opened it slowly and was very pleased to see the Belt so well made. First we examined the locking system, padlocks and the secondary shield that was also provided, but I was little shocked and scared when I saw the Belt. I told myself: Oh no, it can't be that, I can't wear such a thing! Then my husband told me to undress myself so I can try the Belt and see if it fits well. Little shaking, I started taking off my clothes, and I told myself: well that's it! Then he took the Belt and put it on me. Few seconds later I heard the final "click" of the padlock. I was locked in a Chastity Belt! My husband was pleased with what he saw: me locked in a Chastity Belt. Then he asked me how does it feel, if the Belt fits me well… But I couldn't say a word: I was in tears, crying like a little girl, I have just realized what I have got myself into!

The main reason for getting this Chastity Belt is the fact that I was masturbating very often during my husbands absence as he has for travel abroad for several days every month due to his consulting job. I was only 23 years old when I got married him, and he is 11 years older than me, the first man in my life, as I had no sexual experience until we got married. I started with this self-gratification just months after our wedding 4 years ago. At first I was just playing with myself once or twice per month, but with time it became a very bad habit which I couldn't control no matter how much I tried to. I just couldn't stop until my self-gratification was total and complete. A few months ago he found out my little "collection" of vibrators and other "toys", I was so ashamed, so we decided that something has to be done about it. My husband suggested that I should wear a Chastity Belt that would prevent me from masturbation but also from raping which is not that rare violence here anymore. I asked him :"Chastity", what? -"What is that?" Then he tried to explain it to me, but I could not imagine such a thing as I have never heard of it before nor have I ever seen it. With the help of internet, we easily found some pictures so I could see how it looks like. I was scared, I could not imagine myself wearing such a thing. But he was persistent telling me it will be good for me to prevent me from self-gratification and that it's also a kind of anti-rape protection in these days of common street violence. At the end he persuated me to tya wearing such a belt, so I agreed to find one type which I think would be most suitable for me to wear. I found several Chastity Belt makers on internet, and I have decided to go for your NEOSTEEL as you are making Ergonomic waist belts which look to be more comfortable to wear longer period of time, and the Silicone Liner is better for skin. Soon after we ordered the Belt which arrived ready 2 months later.

To be continued...

Copyright Neosteel 2005

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