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Source: customer e-mails of January 2005

Title: Female Sports Chastity Belt

We recieved the belt during the holidays. My God man it's beautiful. You do great work. The front plate curves in a little too soon & pushes against the pelvic bone but we are trying a little adjustment at a time, I'm sure we'll tweak it ok. Once again, thank you very much, it is a very beautiful product. Is it possible to order a spare key? I didn't notice if a single key was available in your shop. If it is I need to buy one. It is great that you have movies with this theme (such products are slim pickings on the internet) but you know it still doesn't compare to being able to share this with a loved one. Hence, once again thank you. Very Appreciative;



Thank you very much for your e-mail. We tweaked it a little and it fits great. Once again beautiful product. I understand the costs and yes if you could send a second key that would be great. I gotta tell you your website just gets better all the time. Sorry gotta go, all the best.


P.S. Sorry no picture but you can use the comments, it is worth every cent.

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