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Source: customer e-mail of March 2005

Title: Works to well (She-Male Hip Chastity Belt with High Endurance Stainless Steel Chains, KGSHK)


Just to inform you that my belt arrived, and after some minor adjustments and a wearing in period it fits and does its job only to well... My wife now has me locked in 24/7 with release only possible when she decides, Hell as no fury as a women scorned as i have found out to my cost, What started as a show of my regret at haveing a one night stand with a girl at work has turned into a nightmare for me. Simone found out about my lapse and after a big row and lots of tears i promised it would not happen again and after discussion i promised that to show her how much i loved her i would on her insistance wear a cb at anytime i went out to a office party and she was not allowed to be present.To which end i purchased one of your shemale hip belts. When the belt finally arrived I thougt she had got over our fall out as she did not seem to be to that interested and did not insist that i wore it. Anyway after fitting it and makeing sure that it was impossible for me to escape from it and it was not causeing any undue discomfort she made me wear it once to go out to a party and removed it as soon as i returned home. This i thought was not to bad as i must of proved to her i still loved her and would never stray again, However the next time she insisted that i put the belt on she also insisted that i allowed her to take some photos of me wearing it to send to you. This is where it all went wrong for as soon as she had got the photos printed And i was again locked in she announced to me that i would be wearing the belt for as long as she wanted and should i ever refuse to put it on or attempt to cut it off etc she would send a copy of the photos to all my friends and work collegues the photos show me full face and are as such extermly embarassing, So now i am totally in her control. Simone has made a list of demands one of which was to write this letter to you. If i can manage to satisfy all of her demands she has promised me that after exactly 1 year of wearing the belt she will let me out and destroy all the photos.    

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