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Source: customer e-mails February and April 2006

Title: ...and we may have some fun together both wearing them. (Female and Male Sports Chastity Belts, KGFEW, KGMHW)

e-mail of February 2006:

I am wearing my belt now and It has all of a sudden become comfortable. For a while the penis tube was rubbing on the top and caused a little pain but these things take some time to adjust the belt correctly. My mistress holds the key and controls everything which I love. This week was the first time going a whole week in the belt and I have had no problems apart from the frustration!

The female belt is for my partner as she will look sexy and we may have some fun together both wearing them.

Thank you so much.

feel free to post my comments on your site and I'll send some pictures soon.

e-mail of April 2006:

Dear Neosteel,

I thought I would write you an e-mail to let you know how pleased my mistress is with my sports belt. As you know I also had to buy her a female sports belt for fashion. It has taken over 2 months to get to a stage where my belt can be worn so comfortably that I do not feel it on my body.

People looking to buy a Neosteel belt should understand these take a long time to get to the right shape, but when the are correct they fit like a glove. My mistress loves the look of it and she constantly touches me during the night as she thinks it's sexy.

I have now been locked up for 2 weeks and and she only lets me orgasm once every 2 weeks which is very frustrating but I don't think I have ever felt so humble to her.

Her belt needs some adjustments (of course) but looks very sexy. she is very pleased with it also.

If anybody reading this uses a CB3000 or simular I would save my money hard and invest in a neosteel. There is no feeling the same as when you are laying there and your mistress clicks the abbas lock in place, knowing absolutly that she is now in control and there is no chance you will get to her property.


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