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Source: customer e-mail June 2006

Title: she-male sport system belt review (System Hipband Module, System She-Male Sports Module, She-Male System Ergo Rear Part Module (KYH, KYSHW, KYSRP)

Dear Astrid and Reinhold,

The new she-male sport system belt for my husband, Carl, arrived several days ago, on May 22. I am positively delighted with it! The fit is perfect and the quality, security, and styling all just as I've come to expect from Neosteel -- impeccable.

As you know, this is Carl's third Neosteel belt, and I must say that while I've been completely satisfied with each of his Neosteel belts, this belt combines the very best in security for me and comfort for him. The smaller proportions of the she-male belt make it possible for him to wear a much broader range of clothing. For example, for the the first time since I've been keeping him in a chastity belt, he can comfortably wear blue jeans. This belt is much more thoroughly concealed under his clothing than his older male hip belt, too.

I'm particularly pleased with the improved design of the penis tube. The round closed end with just a small hole for passing urine is ideal. It seems that this design does a much better job of ensuring that urine does not remain in the lower lip of the front shield. At first I was a little concerned that the ventilation holes in the upper part of the tube would provide a means for him to give some minor stimulation to his penis. I'm convinced now that the small size of the holes and their position behind the front shield will not be useful to him in that regard. However, the holes are large enough for him to inject water into the tube while showering, and they seem to provide enough air for the penis to stay drier. So far, this has helped him keep his penis much more clean and sanitary.

Carl says that the oval-shaped opening at the top of the tube is more comfortable than the penis tubes in his other belts, too. I'm hoping that all of these improvements will lead to more uninterrupted time in the belt for him!

The rear cable has quite a snug fit, just as it should. So far, this has presented no significant difficulties with his use of the toilet. However, it does require a bit more clean up effort. Pre-moistened baby wipes seem to be ideal for this purpose. Carl is finding that the rear cable design is much more comfortable than the rear strap of his older male hip belt.

I also purchased the ergo rear module for his belt, but aside from just checking it over briefly, he hasn't spent any time in it yet. I just haven't wanted to take the belt off of him to change modules!

With the older hip belt, he frequently had some chaffing of the insides of his thighs as a result of the silcone liner on the rear strap. The plastic coated ergo module looks like it will be much more comfortable for those times when I want his rear opening to be accessible.

Once again I'd like to thank you for making such a wonderful line of products. There simply is no substitute for a Neosteel chastity belt. Yours truly,

Mrs. ...

Feel free to post this on your site. I plan to take some photos this weekend and I'll send along a couple for you to post on the site if you want.

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