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Source: customer e-mails of June 2006

Title: Question regarding CB (Male System Total Chastity Belt (KYH, KYMH))

e-mail of June 06, 2006:

Mr. Mende,

I would like to tell you that we like the delivered cb very much. I only have a small problem. After short time of wearing - about half a day - the penis tube at the top presses so hard that the penis gets squeezed very much. How can I solve this problem?



e-mail of June 07, 2006:

Dear Mr. ...,

thank you very much for your e-mail of June 06, 2006.

Nice to hear that you like your Neosteel cb.

Bending of a stainless steel chastity belt is very essential. So what you describe above should not be a problem at all.

If you bend the crotch shield of your cb that it follows the upper bow of the penis tube, you change the angle of the penis tube to your body.

This way you can reduce the pressure of the upper penis tube opening against your pubic area (see attached photo).

With kind regards,

Neosteel - Reinhold Mende


e-mail of June 07, 2006:

Mr. Mende,

thank you very much for your fast help, the fit is excellent now. Attached please find a photo which you - if you like - can add to your gallery.


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