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Source: customer e-mails of November and December 2007

Title: My Experience about Enforced Chastity (Male System Sports Chastity Belt (KYH, KYMHW))

Finally I found the code to my Master box and can open my belt after 3 weeks. I clean my belt and my penis and fond only little red spot on my penis. I have use my tight tube so I thing thatís ok.

I think you Time Controlled Key Safe is more safely for mi because I can open that box daily if necessary.

My compliments to you for fine belt.


My experience about enforced chastity by Master box.

I have play with Neosteel on myself over 2years. To make that more realistic for mi, I buy Master box with 4 digits cod lock.

When that box arrives I make a play. I take that box, close my eyes and chance that code for the box. Then I put my keas inside that box and lock the box. Now my kea was inside that box and I have no ides what the code is.

After that I take my Male sport belt on mi and close the lock. After two days I want my keas and I begin to try different code, I chance one digit on time. That takes mi almost one-day to open that box and open my belt and I was happy, that works.

I clean mi and the belt, after 1-2 hour I chance the code like last time, close my eyes and put my keas inside that box. Take the belt on mi and close the lock. After 5 days I think is time to open the belt again. I take that Master box and chance digit like last time BUT the box not open. I try and try and try, I chance the code and my fingers were being sore but that box was close.

Then I take a brake and begin thinking destroy my belt. No, I can do that, if I mail to Mr Mende and ask him if hi has security key.

After four day I begin giving up and think for myself, be haps I can visit Mr Mende under summer, but is almost 6 moths before I can do that. That is long time without cleaning mi or the belt. Then I make my main, I have blamed my self for my situation and I must fix that by my self. I take that box and chance one digit and time, slowly and when my finger was sore I stopped. That take mi about 9 days and over 40000 digits before the box was open and I was happy again.

If you think buy Master box so NOT lose you code, if you have bad luck you have to wear you belt long time. That reason I have bye now Mr Mendes Time Controlled Key Safe and my friend have code that box open ones a day, which time it is, I have no idea. When I want open my belt I must ask him and that is mats more security for mi.

Under these times I try open that box my only problem was my penis tube, which was more and more tight but that was the only problem (I was horny al the time) If you not have any kea keepers so buy Mr Mendes Time Controlled Key Safe, is worth any penny.

(As you can se, I can't write English but I think you can read the story any way)

Wolf from Sweden

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