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Source: customer e-mail of June 2008

Title: Shipping your Masterpiece System Hipband Module (Masterpiece System Hipband Module, adjustable (KYHV-MP))

Dear Mr Mende

Well my new Masterpiece Hipband arrived on Wednesday last week and I have been locked in it by my wife since.

First impressions are that it does not weigh as much as I thought it would, but it is very solid. I now step into it and pull it up over my hips, rather than trying to open it enough to slip round my waist.

The finish is excellent, a brushed finish on both sides, that seems to be very skin friendly, as I no longer seem to need to use a lubricant, I was formally using Stokolan twice a day on the whole of the silicone waist band.

It has no flexibility at all and I have not needed to bend it to fit, it does press a harder on my lower tummy than I was used to with the old belt, but I need to lose a little there anyway.

All through belt fittings like the rear thong attachment plate and the removable locking pin at the front are machine rebated into the belt, so a totally flush finish is against the skin.

The adjustment on the belt works well, I wore it at the same size as my old belt for the first 4 days, then as my body got used to it, I got permission to move it to the tighter position, which seems fine.

It is very secure, before with my old standard belt, if I tried really hard I could pull the front of the belt forward a little to gain some access, this belt just has no movement like that at all.

In conclusion, I am really glad I have gone over to the Masterpiece system for belt and front shield, they are both more comfortable and hygienic, will last forever, as there is no edging or lining to wear out, and seem so much better for the skin, I am looking forward to a long hot summer, in the knowledge I will be clean and comfortable in my chastity belt.

I hope I get out before the end of the summer, as my wife said that now I have finally found my ultimate belt, perhaps we should start again and keep me locked up for 3 months, like most guides advise, just to get me in the right frame of mind, for a life time of chastity ! She also made me sign a chastity contract I had drawn up a couple of years ago, that she did not take any interest in then.


Thank you again for your excellent service.

P.S You may use this letter on your web site if you wish, with my name removed and it is also what I have posted on the Neosteel Yahoo forum.

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