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Source: customer e-mail of March and April 2009

Title: New Belt (System Hipband Module and Male Total System Module with Masterpiece Crotchshield and Round Bottom Climate Tube (KYH, KYMH-MPCS, ROBK))

Hi Mr Mende

Thank you so much for the new belt.It fits great, as a mater of fact too good.

I just got locked in it last night, what a great fit, the new style tube is is a really great fit also.

This is total Chastity.


Nice to hear that the parcel with your new cb arrived well. And thank you very much for your commending words. Please let me know if it is o.k. for you when we publish your words - anonymous of course - on the References of the Neosteel website.

With kind regards,

Reinhold Mende


thats fine by me

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