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Source: customer e-mails of April 2009

Title: Wearing Time (Male Total Hip Chastity Belt (KGMH))

Dear Reinhold Mende,

i guess i have reached the limit then. i have worn the belt for about 1 month without unlocking.


Neosteel wrote: 

Dear ...,


Can you please put some more information together that results in a reference and infomation for our customers

how you managed for example the hygiene during your wearing time?

Do you intend to extend your wearing time further?

Do you have a keyholder?

Looking forward.

With kind regards,

Reinhold Mende


Dear Reinhold,

i think i am a special case about wearing the cb. Beside the cb i am also wearing diapers 24/7 and wetting them, since i am alsoo incontinent.

No hard feelings about this afther 30 years.i made it part of the game..(it's always a good reason to be punished for)

How i have worn it for a month? Staying dry was not an option in my case. a good skincare product is nessasary (i use a handcream called uni cura) I was the belt/diaper area with a detatchable shower and use lots of water. I try to rins as much water as posible thru the holes in the crotch. Do not use soap to often..this is bad for the skin and dehydrates.

whenever i feel friction or iritation i use the hand cream...not to much..just a little is takes care of the skin and even lubricates a little.

When i take good care i could almost foorget i am wearing the belt. (except when waking up in the morning.......get your mind on something NOT erotic and relax)

ii have a remote "key" holder.....whel its more a seal holder....its the only way to be sure in remote using a cam.

if you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

regards onzindelijk (dutch for not pottytrained)

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