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Source: customer e-mail of July 2012

Title: I have wanted a belt like this for 10 years and now I am actually locked in one (Masterpiece Male Hip Chastity Belt with Stainless Steel Chains and adjustable Hipband with Antibacterial Coating and Climate Tube (KGMHK-HVMP-MPCS, ABC, ROK))

What an amazing piece of technology. I am so impressed with your correspondence and the product coming within a very reasonable period of time. I cannot pull out and it blows my mind that something like this exists. I have wanted a belt like this for 10 years and now I am actually locked in one. You have made my fantasies come true. Thank you.

Mistress absolutely loves this belt and canít wait to put me in it when I get home from work every day. Soon it will be permanent, or at least very long term. I am pretty sure she wants to try a full year with no removal and milkings maybe once a month to start.

I have finally bent it into a good shape and I will keep it the way I have it for now. Thank you SO much for that picture and your technical advice on bending. It helped a lot as I did not know where to start.

The bends are just about perfect now and I can sleep in it so I am off to a good start. I also probably need to lose about 10 lbs which will be easy for me so the padding in my pubic area will slim down a bit and maybe my balls will drop more as they tend to still want to stay up inside of me. I donít really care about that except for health reasons.

I am very glad I am having no issues with the top of the tube pressing into my pubic bone. That part seems to be a great fit and is snug but not uncomfortable. I kinda like the way it feels actually. I am having no issues with the chains. My hip bones are fine. I can finally lock it closed with little trouble but thank you for the extra pin in case I lose one.

Here are some pictures you can use on your website if you wish. If Mistress shaves me again this winter I will send you some more with me hairless.

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