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With "RESYARCH" and "RESYFUN" we developed new products which allow the complete control of your male or she-male partner.

Depending on the Stimulation Current Unit you select for the combination with "RESYARCH" and "RESYFUN" - for which easy installation they are prepared - you can give only a sound signal, or electric shocks over a distance of several hundred meters througout your whole flat or house by pressing a button. Or you can be sure that your partner who wears "RESYARCH" or "RESYFUN" will be disciplined automatically if he leaves his safe place which you have determined with an invisible electromagnetic fence for him.

Not to forget that "RESYARCH" and "RESYFUN" are based on our very secure and extremely comfortable Stainless Steel Chastity Belt System Modules "The ARCH" and "The FUN" which can be combined with all of our Hipband System Modules and have been designed for wearing 24 hours a day and 7 day a week.

When we published the Neosteel Remote Education System several customers asked if we also see a chance to install Stimulation Current Units at "The ARCH" or "The FUN".

Perhaps you know that we manufactured the Remote Controlled Education Shield, RCES, over several years which - unfortunately - is no longer available.

So we looked at our very comfortable and modern System Modules "The ARCH" and "The FUN" for a place where it would be possible to install a Dogtrace Stimulation Current Unit

In this case we used the Dogtrace Mini Unit which is significantly smaller as the standard to be sure that it can be invisible hidden under clothing. And - as you can see - in the photos - we found a place in front of "The ARCH" and "The FUN", just at the fastening sheet. This way the Electrodes have direct contact to the skin of the pubic area just obove the oval of the penis tube - which is very sensitive for the Stimulation Current. And the Stimulation Current Unit does not give a bulge under clothing in this position - as you can see if you look at it from the side:


"RESYARCH" and "RESYFUN" can be locked with the Stainless Steel Snap Lock or the Abus / Stainless Steel Shackle Shroud Locking System:

We have to tell you again and again that our customers are our best development partners for new product ideas. So also in the following case which we will report about in detail - for it is a very exciting story - as we think: This product idea has been delivered by a female customer.

The couple visited Neosteel in Hachenburg about a half year ago to see Neosteel products in person. The couple had experienced different "chastity devices" and finally found that all trials to get a secure model only led to that the husband was able to pull his penis out of the tube. They wanted to change this and so had decided to select "The ARCH".

But I had a special surprise for the couple. And this was a prototype of "The FUN" . Here I inserted an urinary sheath to show how the urine can be led outside the penis tube in a hygienic way without dripping. The wife seemed to be very interested in it.

But the both had also brought a surprise for us which was a black box, which the women pulled out of a big bag. On the unit we could read "Pet Safe" (which did not say much to us at this moment). So the woman explained that this unit builds up an electromagnetic field in the room. So far so good. Then the wife took a small black box out of the bag und explained that this is a stimulation current unit with a receiver, which will apply electric shocks when it leaves the reach of the magnetic field, which is delivered by the big unit. I think this can be understood quite easily.

But the wife also told me about the purpose of this: We should think about how to fasten the small stimulation current unit at "The ARCH" or "The FUN", that it applies electric shocks to the wearer - so to her husband - if he leaves the magnetic field. I looked at the male and could observe how he got a red head while his wife talked to us.

Suddenly the wife talked to her husband: "I think you want to go out now and smoke a cigarette?!" And he agreed and my wife went with him outside to the terrace. But the wife had sent his husband outside to tell me more in detail what she intended: "My husband is terribly jealous. And I give him often occasion to this. But I hate it when he spies on me, if I have a date with friends. And so I do not only want to keep him chaste but also be sure that he stays at home - guaranteed. Mr. Mende, you would do me a big favour indeed, if you would have any idea here!"

The result is that we constructed "RESYFUN" for her husband.


  Please note: We manufacture Neosteel Remote Education Products custom made for your Stimulation Current Unit.

The Stimulation Current Unit is not included and not available at Neosteel.

In our photos above we show the Dog-Trace D-Control 1500+ Mini and Pet Safe as Stimulation Current Units which we purchased here for example:


For questions and price inquiries of Remote Education Products please send an e-mail to:

With the Neosteel "Chastity Belt Measuring Kit" you can take the measurements for your chastity belt by yourself unassistedly.

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