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Source: customer e-mail of November 1999

Title: First Feedback


I have received my belt a few weeks ago, as planned. As I had some computer trouble here in Malaysia I only give my first feedback now.

The fit of the belt is O.K., but not perfect. I do not think the measuring kit would have helped, I was just too afraid to order it too tight. I am currently wearing the belt (for about 12 hours now). As I am planning to wear it at least until tomorrow the adjustments I am planning to make (see below) will have to wait until then.

When walking and sitting the waistbelt is reasonably tight, but when lying in bed there is quite a lot of room between my waist and the belt. I will try to reduce this by sticking some thick tape on the inside of the waistbelt. This also clearly demontrates that the tightness is dependant on the position of the body. Of course the penis is completely inaccessible in any position, congratulations on the design.

The chains are also slightly too loose, but only by a little bit. I reduced the length of the chains but two links yesterday by tying these links together, and then the pressure from the belt on my pubic bone became unbearable. So I guess I will try to reduce the chain length by one link only.

Overall I am very satisfied with the belt. As I only have one testicle, it neatly tucks away under the belt, which I am pleased with.

Thanks again for the speedy delivery,

P.S. I have made some pictures of me wearing my belt with my new digital camera. Once I have put them on my computer I will send them to you. Feel free to use them, as they only show my waist.

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