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Author: Mistress Louise & Michael

Source: Customer e-mail of March, 2001

Title: ATTN; Reinhold


We received the belt (She-Male version) in excellent condition. No problem with shipping or customs inspection. My wife and I love the belt and it fits just like it was made for me. It is an excellent fit in all respects and was well worth the extra time to get the measurment kit and taking the measurements a few times to get them correct. I thank-you very much for you understanding.

It have become a Favorite of my wife's and will be put to much use as we are a 7/24 couple. The ergonomic waist is SO comfortable I can't believe anyone would the standard design, also the silicone liner should be offered as standard along with the stainless chains. The liner is so much more comfortable over the standard rubber. The new P-tube design is the best on the market and VERY secure the 90 degree entrance makes the tube very natural feeling. The location of the rear flat chains fall well to the sides and are in the perfect location, and cannot be felt while in the sitting position, and are well out of the way for bathroom functions, never getting wet or soiled. We chose the She-male version due to the smaller front shield size and the single lock location due to long term use the belt would receive in everyday wear and appearance.

Thank-you again for the fine job and an outstanding product and service.

Mistress Louise & Michael

Reinhold you may use this in your reference section if you wish using only our 1st names.

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