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Source: Customer e-mail of December, 2001

Title: Note about my hip belt (KGMH)

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I recently received the male hip belt and I just wanted to thank you for producing such a quality product. The fit and finish are everything that one could hope for; and it arrived on time, just as promised.

I am still getting used to wearing the belt, but I have worn it outside the house on a few shopping trips without noting even the slightest bit of suspicion on the faces of people I've interacted with. I have also found that I can continue to do all the physical activities that I am used to while belted. This includes biking, weight lifting, and kayaking. I do wonder about running (which I don't do) as my upper thigh muscles do rub hard against the portion of the crotch shield that widens around the anal opening when I open up my stride; probably the sports version of the hip belt would be a better choice for a runner. Personally, I think the added sense of security and restriction gained by the full shield are worth the loss of full stride running [running tears up my knees, so I have no business doing that anyway.]

A note to married men considering wearing a belt, for me, being belted has really refocused my desire for my wife, both in terms of my feelings of submission towards her, but also a renewed and enhanced direct sexual desire for her.

Anyway, thanks for producing such an awesome product.

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