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Source: Customer e-mail of March 2002

Title: Wow! (KGMH)

Thanks very much for the new Chastity Belt! Once I finished fine-tuning the shape, which took a few days, I almost couldn't believe how good the fit and function were. The belt is quite comfortable, and I'm very impressed with the freedom of movement it allows (a huge improvement over the waist belt). It is in fact nearly undetectable under clothing, even snug jeans: the only hint that one is locked in enforced chastity is the small bump from the front closure, and this is easily minimized with the right choice of clothes. Moreover, I've found this belt to be 100% frustrating (i.e., wonderful!). Especially with the dildo installed: every movement is erotic, but there is *no* way to get any relief. Also, the custom modification (the bar across the bottom of the penis tube around which a PA piercing can be fastened) is exactly as I requested, and this puts the finishing touch on an already very secure chastity device -- by making it literally impossible to get the penis out. My congratulations: you've got a real winner here!

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