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Author: known by Neosteel

Source: Customer e-mail of February 2003

Title: The shield takes away his last male look (She-Male Hip CB)

Dear Reinhold:

As I told you that belt and she male shield and the seal arrived fine.

As I also promised you I would show you how it looked. Again you have done a great job and it looks fine. I do like the way the shield takes away his last male look that little tab that shows that he has a penis tube. Now you have made it a truly round look. I am sending you some zip files the first show him in nice baby blue I think it is only right after all he is a male. These are the panties of the lingerie set he is wearing and as you see how nice these panties fit with the shemale shield.

The second zip shows the rest of the lingerie and how nice the belt looks and the seal and also I was using the remote wired plug that you made that day as you can see he is well plugged.

Copyright Neosteel 2003

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