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Author: Gary

Source: Customer e-mail of May 2003

Title: Neosteel Hip Belt with rear chains (KGMHK)

Owner's of Neosteel,

I would like to give your customers and other interested parties an experience report about my having added another CB to the list of those I've tried. This one like the others is one of yours, and you have provided the usual great service and quality product.

As with the other belts I've had, this one was ordered with the optional silicone liner. Besides me having what appears to be an allergic reaction to neoprene, I like the way the silicone liner stays put when it's worn. The material seems to get slightly "tacky" for lack of a better word, when it is exposed to minor perspiration. This stops the waist band from moving around on your skin and I think helps to avoid the abrasion of the skin underneath the band.

One of the things that is different about this Hip CB, it is equipped with rear chains instead of either the cable found on the Sport CB, or the solid band of the Total CB, both made by your company. I asked if the chains were available since I was concerned about hygiene with the cable, and I thought the solid rear might inhibit movement more than the chains or cable would. You said that this configuration was available and had been requested by other customers, so were able to offer it. It is not listed on the web site, but is available.

Another new thing that you have started to offer is that you will ship belts that have rear chains, without the length being set. It comes with sections of chain attached to the shield and to the rear d-rings. Then with the supplied nylon wire ties, you can experiment to get the exact length, send it back and you will install the permanent chains. The only charge for this is the extra shipping. I might offer a caution here, I elected to try this option and got the chains set too tight when I sent the belt back for the permanent chains. It seems I didn't wear the belt long enough when determining the length, and when it got back I was developing some edema. When I wrote asking about it, the first thing you said was that you hoped the chains were not too short. After a couple of exchanges with you, and comparing the tightness of the chains with my other belt, and finding them much looser than the new belt, you suggested I cut the chains and try again to determine the length and send the belt back when that was done. I'm currently in the process of doing that and right now it looks like I set the length either two or three chain loops short.... Oh well....

The only other thing customers in the USA might want to be aware of is the shipping times. Since 9/11 passenger airliners have been prohibited from carrying any piece of mail, or a mail package that weighs more than one pound. So the packages must wait until there are enough of them for a full cargo plane, I think they also sit in Customs longer, and then they have to go by ground from the East Coast after they clear Customs. What this translates into, is the shipping which used to take only seven to ten days, now takes about three weeks each way to and from the USA.

I've included a picture which shows how low the Hip CB sits, and I can't tell you how much easier this belt is to wear than any other belt I've owned. The other benefit besides increased freedom of movement, is that the normal slight weight changes you experience during the year, do not cause problems since most of that weight is usually above where the belt rides in the "Pasta Belly" area...

So once again you have improved on the Florentine style Chastity Belt first offered in the Tollyboy and then by several other manufacturers. Your company continues to provide a beautifully finished product, with a great attention to detail in the construction and finish of your products, as well as great customer service. Your company will continue to receive my hearty endorsement.


Copyright Neosteel 2003

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