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Source: Customer e-mail of June 2003

Title: As I am a long haul Truck Driver (KGMH)


heres the review you can use,

My Mistress,had been looking into confining me in some sort of chastity belt,tube or something,She wanted me to be free from wondering around for other pleasures.As I am, a long haul Truck Driver,lot of opportunities out on the road offered to me daily.She looked into chastity belts on the web,found a number of resources out there,from plastic tubes to leather belts,which would make you sweat,and not very secure.looked at Altarboys site.found numerous versions of metal belts.Neosteels belts looked very nice.There was a place nearer by me, as we live in the U.S.A,But after reading the reviews from other satisfied buyers, She decided to buy one.Mr.Mende, offers a belt sizing kit,but my Mistress measured me herself.And Mr.Mende was very helpful,making sure that measurements were correct, After they received my Mistress's order,it was about 5 1/2 weeks the belt arrived in plain brown box.No problems. When I arrived home a few days later, She tied me up as usual playing her,Dominate self.not letting me know about belt.She tied me face down, my hands and both feet together.Gagged me so wouldn't give her talk back.Than she pulled out the Box.I thought to myself,Oh No!! what have I done now..The belt was,made very good polished stainless steel,She than rolled me to one side,slid the belt around me,lubed my crotch and the tube,installed it, like she had done this before? I wore the belt a couple of hours,begged her to remove it,allowing me to bend it to shape more.After I did,She than installed it again.the same way tied down.I wasn't ready for that so soon.I tried to make it through the night.the belt still needing some minor adjustments.She released me.But,early in the morning I had to leave out again,(on the road).She said,are you forgetting something? This time she tied me to a bench I built her,bending over it,tied face down.She then reinstalled the belt.And said I got a surprise for you! She had also,purchased a nylon coated dildo plug.which she then locked in-place using the rear shield and lock.She did tell me,I hid the key to the rear lock.In your truck,But don't ask,or beg me until a few hours. after wearing it through the morning,she than called me,informing thelocation of the key,If I would of called her,it would delay,her telling me the location of the rear key.I returned couple days later. She was waiting at the door,with the other key around her neck.Have you been good??She said. Yes mistress,Please release me, So I can bend it some more.

Over all,Mr.Mende suggested bending the crotch shield to fit, He was very helpful,in ordering and making sure my slave hubby was comfortable.I highly recommend Neosteel,the quality,the security of the metal,the locks and the silicone liner.Also the climate tube.Is good for long term wearing,and cleaning while wearing belt. Here he is before going out on the road, I made he model it for me.

Thanks for your help Neosteel,

Mistress Mary

Copyright Neosteel 2003

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