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Source: Customer e-mail of June 2003

Title: I ordered your wired remote and anal plug (TENS, PNS)

Dear Reinhold:

I found these and though you might be interested in them.



As you well know I order your wired remote anal plug.


I have used it with great effect on ... it does a good job. It can stimulate him and even bring him close to climax while still having him in full chastity and creating great frustration. Since he in no way can control it or bring him self off in any way.


As you will see by the attached I am showing him as it was used he was of course in lingerie. As you know he is always kept in lingerie under his normal male clothes. In this case a matching black bra and pantie with a black skip of course the pantie came off when the plug was in use.



I will tell you the only problem with the plug is that it can only be used with him face down as you see in these or bent over or on his hand and knees or standing. Because of the male plug of the electric unit which must plug into the anal part of the plug he can't sit as it would bend it. I hope you like and you can use to show how it works as I have not seen any of your pictures with it in action.

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