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Source: Customer e-mail of May 2004

Title: Letter of recommendations (Male Hip CB)

Dear Reinhold and Astrid,

It has been some time since my wife and I visited you in Malberg. First, we wish to thank you for your hospitably. We both enjoyed our visit. As we were departing, you had a comment and a request.

Your comment was "be careful what you wish for ." To this one comment alone, you were very correct, I should have been FAR more careful in what "I WISHED FOR . "

Your request was that I drop you a note about how the fit was since you had personally done the belt's measurements for me. While I was more than glad to do this, I noticed that most of the reference reports on your web site began something like: "I got your belt two weeks ago and it ."

I hardly feel that two weeks is a real test period of time. I thought a much longer period of time would be more valid, thus my delay in writing you any kind of a report. I thought I would also pass on a few thoughts as well.

I think it might be best to begin at the beginning, so allow me to backtrack about 18 months ago. After having used a series of differently designed chastity belts, I had determined that the next chastity belt I wished to purchase had to accomplish four very basic objectives. So in one of my initial emails to you, I asked if you could guarantee that your chastity belt could accomplish at least these items. They were - THE CHASTITY BELT MUST:

I also shared with you that the chastity devices I had used up to that point could not be worn long enough (i.e. leather) or could be circumvented fairly easily. Thus my goals - wishes - were not being attained. While you could not guarantee with certainty about item four, you assured me that your belt would meet and beat my wishes. And we soon arranged a visit to your office / home.

First, I must say you and Astrid made our visit to your office, a most relaxed and enjoyable one. Your openness and warmness immediately put us at ease and made us felt comfortable. We were treated with courteous respect and the utmost professionalism. It was a real treat in today's business world.

Although the time to take the measurements took longer than you had indicated in your emails, they were very through and sure. And as we left that day, I had ordered the Male Hip Chastity belt (KGMH), with the Climate Penis Tube (ROK), Silicone Liner (SIKG), the seal bolts (SEALB), and 2 D-rings.

Your recommendation for the Silicone liner was correct. I think you should just make that standard. The Climate Penis Tube is easy to clean and I definitely would not have liked the standard penis tube.

True to your word, the belt was shipped to me within six weeks and arrived just 10 days later. My wife (and key holder) took control of the keys IMMEDIATELY, and I persuaded her to go slow.

It was incredibly easy and quick to put the belt on. A quick step into the belt part, slip the locking pin and guide pins through the respective holes, and push the belt portion down to rest on the hip bone, place the penis in the penis tube, bring the front shield up and snap the lock closed. An easy 10 seconds and it is secured. Even from the very first time I locked the belt on it was far more comfortable than any other chastity device I had worn.

As you had explained, the belt did need some initial shaping and reshaping. I used the snap locks for the adjustment period. As this permitted my wife full control of the Abus lock keys. And, when I felt the belt could be comfortably worn for more than a couple of days, I locked on an Abus lock and notified my wife that she was in complete control of the belt.

This worked very well, actually too well. Initially I was unlocked for daily inspections and hygiene, she soon discovered that she could extend this, and soon the belt was worn two, three, and then more days straight with ease.

It was during these first few months of experimentation, I discovered the HUGE MISTAKE I had made in selecting a Neosteel chastity belt.

Now you ask why I would say I made a MISTAKE!

You see, at first, I had to reminded my wife that my objective in wearing the Neosteel chastity belt could only be achieved if the belt was worn ANYTIME I was not immediately needed. And that she needed to control all the keys, all the time (i.e. not leave them just lying around).

Once she finally realized the belt's full potential, my wife felt HER greatest benefit from the belt was if I wore it as long as possible. Soon, I was wearing it for extended periods of time. As it was still comfortable, there was NO excuse I could give my wife to have her unlock me, much to my dismay.

Soon, I became so frustrated that I tried everything I could think of to circumvent YOUR chastity belt (note: it was no longer my chastity belt but Neosteel's). Every attempt, every effort, every idea - FAILED.

I realized that my desire to find a truly effective and comfortable chastity belt had been utterly SUCCESSFUL. I had finally accomplished the four basic objectives I THOUGHT "I wished for ." in a chastity belt. The Neosteel chastity belt was far more effective than I could have ever imagined or DREADED.

All NEOSTEEL's claims that this belt is an absolutely effective chastity belt are TRUE.

Much to my DELIGHT and HORROR, the Neosteel Male Hip Chastity Belt does exactly what I wanted to achieve. I have only myself to blame for the decision to purchase a Neosteel chastity belt for what I thought was my wish. You were correct that day, I should have been more careful in what "I wished for ."

The bottom line, speaking for my wife and I, we THANK YOU and YOUR WIFE for a very delightful and wonderful visit to your shop, we thank you again for your personal professionalism, courteous respect, and regard for this interesting and discreet subject. And a final thank you from both of us for a very functional and frightening effective chastity belt. A very scare "THANK YOU" mind you, as I continue a second year of what I THOUGHT "I wished for ."

Despite my "what I THOUGHT I wished for .", The Neosteel chastity belt has accomplished exactly what I really wanted it to achieve. It has prevented me from any unsanctioned masturbation or sexual intercourse; I can wear it comfortably for extended periods of time; I can not remove it without the key, nor can I escape or slip out of it; and, best as I might try, I cannot get enough stimulation to have any other kind of sexual relief at all while wearing it. And my sexual relief is now totally controlled by my loving wife and key holder, who by the way, is really enjoying her newly acquired influence. Much to BOTH our happiness.

Copyright Neosteel 2004

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