Neosteel Products

Transformation - Feeling Like a Female!

"Transformation" is a new category of Neosteel Products.

Neosteel "Transformation Products" are:

  • Vagina Prostheses made of skin compatible Silicone with a very impressive look and a realistic feeling.
  • "Tansformation Products" have been designed to give the male genitals a female look and to make the male feel like a female.
  • How it works:

    The penis of the male comes into a pocket.
    The testicles are pulled between the legs as far as possible.

    The holding strings will be put on and are about invisible. They can be shortened or sewed as desired.

    Urination, defecation and showering is possible while wearing the prosthesis.

    While wearing the vagina prosthesis the penis can go through the labia to the outside.

    Masturbation, penetration and urination are possible. So you can reach a satisfying orgasm by stimulation of the glans.

    If a penis or dildo penetrates from the outside through the labia it enters the penis pocket and so will massage the glans.

    The prosthesis can comfortably be worn over a long time. The temperature of the testicles will only be increased minimally.

    Neosteel "Transformation Products" can easily be cleaned with soap or dish washing-up liquid.

    The prosthesis is about 17 cm long and about 10 cm wide and by it elasticity very soft and smooth.

    The labia has a length of about 6 cm and a width of about 2.5 cm.

    The Silicone vagina comes with a middle european light skin colour.

    As special design we can manufacture different labia sizes and further skin colours (please inquire).

    For prices and order information of Neosteel "Transformation Products" please visit our new Neosteel Online-Shop.

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    Page updated January 04, 2018