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Time Controlled Key Safe

As a further electric extra to your Neosteel Chastity Belt we offer a time controlled key safe which works competely with batteries and with a digital keybord for your input.

This substantial, time controlled key safe made of black painted steel plate keeps the key to your chastity belt securely. The time controlled key safe is particularly interesting if you do not have anybody to hold your key. But also your key holder will appreciate this key safe - which cannot be influenced.

For security reasons you get two Emergency Keys with this key safe, to open the key safe in case of emergency. We urgently recommend to keep the Emergency Keys at a place which is accessible at any time (for example a sealed envelope), for otherwise you cannot open the key safe with simple means!

Technical data:

The time controlled key safe gets locked when you close the door of the safe - after programming the opening time or the random or count-down function - and lock it with the round door lock-latch.

Scope of supply:


With the Neosteel "Chastity Belt Measuring Kit" you can take the measurements for your chastity belt by yourself unassistedly.

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