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The adjustable Hipbands and Waistbands of Neosteel Chastity Belts with an adjustability of +/- 0.5 cm have been approved world wide by our customers.

With this marginal adjustability, which improves the comfort distinctly (also in case of weight changes), we remain true to our principles of made to measure products.

But male and female Keyholders claim, that this opportunity to increase or reduce the hip or waist circumference of the chastity belt causes some trouble.

Which Keyholder does not know the situation that just at the moment when the chastity belt wearer shall be sent to bed in the evening - to give Mistress one or two hours to relax at the television or to read a book - the chastity belt wearer starts to complain for example: "My Chastity Belt is so tight. I cannot sleep with this. Please let me out of the chastity belt or increase the hipband by half a centimeter at least."

This is not like relaxation: Mistress has to look for the hideout of the key for the chastity belt. Then she opens the belt and - after endless discussions if the chastity belt wearer will be kept locked up or if the hipband will be adjusted half a centimeter wider, the lock finally snaps in again. The key comes back into the hideout and the chastity belt wearer finally gives rest.

In many cases the Keyholder is done and so tired that he or she also goes frustrated to bed.

Thank our new Telescope Hip or Telescope Waistband this is over now!

The essential advantage of the Telescope Hipband or Telescope Waistband is that the chastity belt wearer by himself - so without any help - can change the circumference of the Hipband or Waistband of his chastity belt within the three adjustability levels - while the chastity belt stays securely locked!

The following pictures schow how the three adjustability options for the circumference can be selected with the Bolt by the chastity belt wearer and then fixed with the small Stainless Steel Snap Lock.




And the chastity belt wearer can do this as often as he likes (day and night, if the Keyholder is at home, at work or on a some days lasting vacation), without to disturb the Keyholder with this.

The Key of the Chastity Belt at no time has to be fetched from the hideout - except a thorough cleaning of the chastity belt has to be done, what we recommend all 8 to 10 days.

So the Telescope Hipband or Telescope Waistband offers important advantages for Mistresses who offer Keyholding Services where the Keyholder regularly gets bombed with e-mails or telephone calls of the chastity belt wearer where he reports about his sensitivies and problems. Here the adjustability of the Telescope Hipband or Telescope Waistband which the chastity belt wearer can do by himself will help to reduce the correspondence definitely. Just Mistresses, who offer these services for money will really appreciate that.

We can add the Chastity Belt Extra "Telescope" to every adjustable Hipband or Waistband which you order at the Neosteel Online Shop. In addition you get the small Stainless Steel Snap Lock, a Bolt and one Key with the order. So the chastity belt wearer can fix the Telescope Hipband or Telescope Waistband in the adjustment of his choice.

In any case the Chastity Belt stays securely locked with the central Abus Locking System (to which only the Keyholder keeps the key)!

   -Keuschheitsgürtels zusammen gebaut?

With the Neosteel "Chastity Belt Measuring Kit" you can take the measurements for your chastity belt by yourself unassistedly.

Page released June 22, 2018