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Neosteel's Watch

Thank you very much to one of our customers who took the excellent photos while stripping down to his Neosteel's Watch. We combined the photos to a small video clip for download (1 MB, Windows Media Player): 

"I just want you to know that now and he does love watches and has many this is his main watch. He must wear it as he also always is locked in your chastity belt a nice touch and reminder when he looks at the time he knows it is his chastity time. As you see he is dressed as he almost always is in male outer wear in this case he was dressed in his business suit but a casual day and he was as you see wearing a tuttle neck. You will also see how your belt as usual is not at all noticed. In fact even though he is also wearing as usual his full female lingerie under his male clothes you will note the wearing of tights and he no longer is allowed male tee shirts or tuttle necks in most cases they have been replaced with the female lingerie item a body suit as you see. He is wearing it along with his pantie hose in this way he has learned as women know that it give him a nice body hugging look and unlike what men wear he will never show his rear crack. You also see however that even thought it fits tight to the body the outline of the belt and his bra and pantie is hardly seen. I think this shows how nice some one who is locked in your belt looks wearing the watch."


With the Neosteel "ChastityBelt Measuring Kit" you can takethe measurements for your chastity belt by yourself unassistedly.

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