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Quelle: Kunden e-mails September 2003

Titel: Your team at Neosteel are the best, Male Total CB

Dear Reinhold Mende

My CB arrived on September 16, today is the first time I have tried it on. Perfect fit. I am very delighted and want to thank you for you expertise in correcting my mistakes. My wife is also delighted and put the CB on me in 2 minutes or less. it does all that you have said on your website. You're the best, I'm all for the Neosteel team hope to order more from you in the near future. Thank you also for your express service

Sincerely ...

PS wife has keys


Dear Reinhold:

Yes it's OK to use my comments for your Products they are the best quality, and am recommending to all concerned with quality in your field.

Sincerely ..., one happy customer

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