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Quelle: Kunden e-mail aus Januar 2005

Titel: Pick up of cb - airport information (System Chastity Belt)


Thank you for a pleasant time yesterday.

I promised you information about how the airport security staff reacted to the CB in my bag. As predicted by my wife they did ask and wanted the bag open. After the bag had been through x-ray the security officer pointed towards the screen and asked what is this, and I replied that it was a waist belt, and circled my hands around the waist at the same time. The security officer then asked if he could see it and I said yes of curse, opened my bag and took the wrist part of the belt out of the plastic bag lifted it half way out of the bag and showed it to him, he said that's is ok, I closed the bag and walked away.

If they were having any thoughts about what it was for or if they / he knew already there was no indication what so ever. My conclusion is that it is no problem to take a newly purchased CB with you in the hand luggage when travelling by air. Anyway if there is enquiries at the security, who of people working in a place where they see 1000 of faces will remember 1?


Hello again.

First you are welcome to use and refer my airport experience but needless to say without mentioning my name, it might be good to leave out the airport name as well, if the security staff does not know what a CB is there is no point in telling.

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