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Quelle: Kunden e-mails aus April und July 2005

Titel: Systems Sports Chastity Belt with solid rod

e-mail of April 2005:

Mr. Mende,

I would like to thank you very much for your production of the Systems Sports Chastity Belt to my specifications. The belt arrived last weekend in good order. Although I already own a standard Sports Chastity Belt from a few years ago, I am impressed by your continued developement of new products as well as improving your existing products. The enclosed care & fitting instructions are a vast improvement over by-gone times. The latest penis tube design eliminates a "pinch" point found in the older design. The replacement of the cable with a 4mm rod fits my needs perfectly. With just minor fitting to my particular body shape, the belt is a perfect fit and I am already able to wear my new belt 24/7. I will continue to monitor your web site for new products as I plan my purchases of additions to my new belt. Please let me know if you would like some pictures of the new belt being worn and I will forward you some.

Thanks again.


P.S. Feel free to use my letter as a reference if you wish. I trust that you will hide my name.


e-mail of July 2005:

Mr. Mende,

Now that I have had several months of use of my new modular sports belt, I have a report for you. Once again I would like to thank you for incorporating the custom features I requested. The solid 4mm rod versus the cable offers a vast improvement in comfort and ease of sanitation. Your new design of penis tube has eliminated a pinch point found in my older sports belt. The modular design offers ease of transport during those occcassions when the belt can not be worn, such as airport security. With fine tuning of the shape of the belt completed, 24/7 wear is not a problem even when driving, and I log approximated 50,000 miles a year (83,333 km}. This is very important to me for my job. Enclosed are several photographs of the belt in use that you may publish if you choose. Some of the photos included are there only because the view angle are ones that I do not commonly see plublished. Thank you again for producing an excellent product and for accomodating specific needs and requests from your customers. These are benchmarks of outstanding customer service. Though your products are amoung the most expensive on the market, the quality of manufacturing and of the customer service make them a bargin in a mass production world. Be assured that your company will be my first option for all future purchases.

Sincerely submitted,

A Happy Customer




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