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Quelle: Kunden e-mails aus April, Mai und Juni 2010

Titel: Masterpiece products A MUST (Masterpiece-System-Hüftband-Modul, verstellbar, und TV-Ergo-Rear-Voll-System-Modul mit Masterpiece-Schrittblech (KYHV-MP, KYSR-MPCS))

received the order

Dear Reinhold

Just a note to let you know I did get my belt yesterday.

I was impressed with the thickness of the waist belt in fact I found it was easier to step into it that pull it around the waist. I have used it for the last 24 hrs and I find the comfort lever a lot better than the old belt I had. I like the fact that I am not using a liner, and was amazed at the comfort of the belt. I liked the way you had countersunk the back of the belt where the rear shield attaches.

I will use it for a few days and let you know more then.

Thank you for time and patience with me.




Dear Reinhold

Just a note to let you know I did receive your e mail yesterday. It has been a couple of week since I had delivery of my belt. You asked if you could display my remarks on your reference page. I donít have a problem with you using my remarks anonymously, however the remarks I gave you were quick and only a couple of days track record, so if it will help you let me give you the following response now that I have had a couple of weeks behind me.

You will remember we had quite a lot of correspondence back and forth before I gave you the go ahead to make the new belt. When i saw your website showing the new masterpiece products I became very interested. My existing belt had the lining and I never did like long time wearing of the silicone lining. My hesitation in ordering the new belt was having the steel against the skin. Now that I have used it for the past two weeks I want you to know that the comfort level of the belt is unbelievable. I love the adjustment feature and have found that the belt is more comfortable at it tightest adjustment.

The new tube is great. I love the rounded end. My old unit would sometimes trap the skin and make it very uncomfortable to use. The new one with the round base seems to eliminate that problem. The workmanship on the tube along with your new coating is great.

I could never understand how the new, She-Male System Ergo Rear Full Module with Masterpiece Crotch shield went together. Now that I have the unit and see how it is used I have to say once again the comfort level is great. My old belt was always digging into the skin and this new one isnít any thing like the old.

I found that the installation of the new belt was a little more difficult than the old one. But if you remember I had you install the ďCable SealĒ feature (Seal Bolts with Numbered Stainless Steel Wire Seals). Now I mention this because using the two small holes that allow the cable seal to work I place two small nails to hold the plate in place until I am able to lock the belt. If you have any ideas on how to attach the lock with a little more ease please let me know.

In summary Reinhold I am completely satisfied with my new belt. I love the thickness of the new belt and overall I am completely satisfied with the comfort it gives. If anyone asks which belt they should get tell them the Masterpiece products are much more superior, at least that is my conclusion. I hope I havenít said to much, but I just want to say thank you for professionalism in working with me. You have a completely satisfied customer. Please use what you want out of the above notes, but please keep my remarks anonymous.

Have a great day



Masterpiece products A MUST

Dear Reinhold

I just wanted to let you know after a month of use with the new Masterpiece system belt I am completely satisfied. The fit is great ,and I must confess I find it much more comfortable than the old unit I had.

The fit of the new belt is awesome. I was afraid after placing the order, the steel finish without the silicone liner would be hard to get used to. But after using it for the past month it is just the opposite, the steel is much more comfortable.

I like the new tube and coating it is much more comfortable than the old tube I had in my old belt. The old tube used to pinch and trap the skin some times but you have now allowed space at the rounded head and this really dose help.

The new anus feature of this belt again is very comfortable and allows to be worn for much longer periods of time.

I just wanted you to know that the workmanship of the new unit is great and I am really well pleased.

Thank you for help


Masterpiece Belt

Dear Reinhold

Just a quick note to let you know that your new masterpiece belt system is better than I anticipated.

The comfort level of the belt is unbelievable. I was a little worried when I placed the order of having A stainless steel belt without a liner, but now I can't begin to tell you how comfortable it is.

I just wanted you to know that now I have had the new belt for a few weeks I am completely satisfied and I realize now the workmanship that went into making this new product. Everything we ordered was great.

I love the new tube and coating, and the new crotch panel is by far superior to the old one I had.

Thank you again. You have made me a happy customer once again.


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